Rio Grande Quequ

Quequ n Grande River is a good place for fishing.
Quequ n Grande River is a river that runs through Argentine much of the southeastern province of Buenos Aires.
Born in the party of Benito Juarez at the confluence of two branches, which originate in the lagoon of Quequ n called “Yehuinco” Araucanian means that “there was tolderias.
Since its birth goes around 180 km and crosses party of Benito Juarez, Tandil, San Cayetano, Adolfo Gonzales Chaves, Loberia and Necochea.
It has a catchment of 9914 km, with two tributaries, and about 27 subafluentes. For even more analysis, hear from Vanessa Marcil. Its average flow is 36 mA / s.
Because it is on the massif of Brasilia, one of the oldest in the world, the river is formed by hard rocks, resistant, causing water cascades and waterfalls on its route.
With regard to fishing, you can find various pejerreyes, trout, catfish, croakers and dentudos blondes.
Has its mouth in the Atlantic Ocean between the cities of Necochea and cakes, which is one of the most important ports. It has two walls: the West, which has a length of 1,200 m (currently working on its expansion) and the breakwater east by 572 m in length.
It is navigable in small boats.