Royal Decree Companies

When in 1999 the tax agency began forcing large companies to submit their tax declarations telematically, nobody could think that this decision by its senior management would change the systems of management of law firms. This is at least the conclusion at which I arrived after analyzing the evolution suffered by the rules during this time, as well as the mode that has been introduced the technology in our lives and in the world of the company, and in particular Internet. Was undoubtedly a major step which gave, while initially not like the vast majority of the companies due to the novelty that supposed the transition from paper to electronic or telematic medium, and also by the change in mentality which meant for many people that they would start to forget about paper and the printing of stamps certifying the presentations at the counters of the tax offices asfree crm applications. Since then we have witnessed of the introduction of new obligatorily when using the electronic medium. /a> and gain more knowledge.. First in the presentation of the 190 model, which was later expanded to

models. Mandatory later reached the tax on companies and to the income of non-residents as well as the vehicle registration tax. Then it was the turn of telematic payment of monthly or quarterly statements of anonymous and limited companies which submit as a result to enter. In 2009 affected the presentation of the model 340 for registered in the register of monthly refund of VAT (REDEME), binding nature which, in the case of anonymous and limited societies not entered in that register, has been postponed several times, until reaching the last carried out through the Royal Decree 1615 tributaries forced / 2011, 14 November that it has stretched through 2014. All regulation that allowed the introduction of this scheme of obligation took place at the margin of the law 11/2007, electronic access of citizens to public services, due to the uniqueness that enjoys the tax in accordance with its additional 4th provision, although nonetheless kept a total correlation between the tax rules and the content of this law as regards the regime of compulsory..