Royal Decree

Thus, it comes from the Neolithic period, in which mankind began to lead a sedentary life. Inside the researchers of the US University of Notre encountered Lady still remains of an archetype of barley, that supported their thesis, that the building was used for the storage of grain. More information on the project website ikuijt/dhra/. Prince Hussein to the throne appointed now it is official: the 15 years Prince Hussein bin al Abdullah II, eldest son of King Abdullah II, is heir to the throne. In a question-answer forum Jorge Perez was the first to reply. Although Jordan King had reversed already in 2004 the appointment of his brother Prince Hamsah Crown Prince but only now he made official his decision in favour of his eldest son by a Royal Decree. Queen Rania and King Abdullah II have shared four children, two sons and two daughters.

A country as a film set equal to three international film crews came to the rotation in July after Jordan. The Hollywood production fair “Game”, the Brazilian telenovela VIVER a Vida”and the Canadian crew to scorched” took advantage of Jordan rich diversity as a backdrop. “Sean Penn and Naomi Watts, actor of the film fair game”, were for example in Amman and the suburb Sahab in front of the camera. “The Brazilian crew, with VIVER a Vida” one of the most successful Latin American series produced rum turned however in Jerash, Petra and the Wadi. Exactly these two places are also currently on the big screen: In the Transformers 2 action Fest “the bizarre sandstone desert and the old Nabataerstadt play a crucial role. “But also classics as Lawrence of Arabia” or Indian Jones and the last crusade “incurred before Jordanian scenery. A detailed list of previously wacky movies in Jordan can be found on the website of the Royal Film Commission (RFC) “” Several projects to save the dead sea with the Jordan national Red Sea water development project”is a ten billion US dollars-expensive project planned, that the Sea level in the dead sea to prevent the further decline.