Salvador Dali

All preparatory moments passed, begins painting the walls in the interior. Delivered all the necessary equipment (compressor, airbrushes, minidzhety) and materials (Classic or retro-reflective paints, varnishes, primers, sealers, etc.), and the artist prepares the surface of the airbrush to spray on the wall. And then, in accordance with the approved sketch does paint a mural. In day (8 hours) professional can paint from 1 to 6 meters of space, this variation is related to the level of complexity of the job. Ie more complex artistic elements in interior painting, the more time goes to her execution. Because the airbrush – a technique of artistic painting, not a robotic process, it may require in the case of complex decorative work a long time, which can only reduce by bringing the object of several artists.

Interior airbrushing is very popular today, airbrush paintings done on walls, ceilings, furniture and fabrics. To protect the image from the enhanced humidity, as well as to give the mural depth, it is often coated with varnish. To better understand the benefits of airbrush murals, is to illuminate all the reasons that make the interior attractive for airbrushing. The first and most obvious reason – decorative painting is beautiful. If your residential or commercial premises will work a professional artist aerografist, then they will get individual artistic design, fully meets your personal idea of beauty, harmony and comfort. The second reason – attractive wall paintings. For entertainment is especially important feature of this airbrushing. Painting walls and ceilings, made in accordance with the theme of the institution and meets the philosophy of visitors, people will take a lot of pleasant emotions, will be the beacon of the appeal, which clearly stands out among the standard interior. The third reason: thanks to airbrushing, painting the walls in the interior is now available. Few could afford to paint the wall paintings stories from classic works of art or Bryullov of Salvador Dali.