Self Music

Where love happens on tour? Tour very much, especially when the trip with the flight. Cool was in Egypt at the club pacha, for me it was a good dj step. In Egypt, I was surprised myself. I love those moments when worry! It's great! And at the end of the appropriate director or clubbers, and say: "I have long been no surprise. Well done! ". Such moments are very fond of. What is listening? Generally, I like the characteristic music.

Previously, when there was a dj, listening to a lot: De Ph a zz – one of my favorite, Everlast, But becoming a dj was a lot of time with the music, so in my spare time, I can turn on the radio in the car. How do you think what kind of music waiting for clubbers in the future? We would like to have invested in Odessa. Of course in the summer of few tourists, so do not talk about it seriously, but nonetheless. Pleased when opening new locations and clubs. What to expect in terms of music? I think a good happy summer vocal house or commercial house, which is not cool, will always demand an adult audience.

And for the younger generation will always be more progressive music. Specifically, what awaits us, I think the same thing, but a new form in step with the times, keeping pace with fashion. Probably so! What the audience for you the most gratifying? And what are the best clubs? My task is to make sure that the public emancipated, she was fun to people vacationing, not strained! This is the main task of the dj and if he achieves it, the public is your mood thanks. A good club is when the dj at conspicuous place, and if it in a conspicuous place, he can communicate with the public – this will be the correct approach to the supply of music. Good club – when many people, no problem running a bar, a legitimate security, beautiful dance Pigeon. It is in such moments, it becomes comfortable and good, then I am happy to work in a club. A good club when it all elements work at least 90%! Your very good quality? Probably What I am woman! Now a kind of pun. Tell me, what the association first comes to mind: Nightclub – Cinema dj – Star Epatage – Power Love – Vinyl happiness – the quality of work-life life – longer and better Odessa – the most favorite city in Self-realization – the meaning of life Publicity – the makeup of pride Independence – good and bad colleagues on the shop floor – good people