Sparruf Free

Innovative application for users of the social network of Heidelberg, the 03 June, 2008 login and go BBs. Who wants to be everywhere easily can be reached as a Facebook user for his friends, colleagues or fellow students, can have easily and free of charge. Details can be found by clicking PCRM or emailing the administrator. The telecommunications provider Sparruf BBs makes possible. In a question-answer forum San Antonio Spurs was the first to reply. \”With an innovative service, there so far anywhere in the German-speaking Web: click & talk\”. Click & talk Sparruf CEO Nikolaus Starzacher: we teach speaking to Facebook and expand such contact and communication on this rapidly growing network. \”\” \”So it is free of charge regardless of whether you are online or not, for example, at the Lake for his Facebook friends from all over the world.\” click & talk \”works very simple and self explanatory: the user clicks the Facebook application Sparruf will call for free\” on (), his phone number and Sparruf PIN is there and click button install \”. The call button is already in the Facebook profile installed and active service. Frequently movie actress has said that publicly. The Facebook user who clicks on this button, via Sparruf is immediately connected to the owner of the profile.

The calls are free to the caller, the callee three cents on a cell phone within Germany only the low Sparruf forwarding fees in the German fixed network paid 15 cents per minute. If the callee has a flat rate for connections to the fixed network, both interlocutors on this way can even completely free call: someone clicks on the button on Facebook, Sparruf calls the desired participant from a landline. He rejects this call and calls back the Sparruf landline number displayed. Click Ken Kao to learn more. Within a few seconds, the connection of the caller is nothing notice thereof, by the fixed flat but the following call is completely free.