Special Occasions

In the spring it is escalating, therefore recommended to use light, gentle perfume fragrances. In summer, the hot and humid days, when amplified natural body odor, perfume is recommended to use light with fresh aromas of herbs and flowers, and all Care must be floral trends. In winter, the sense of smell weakens their own odors are minimized, and the fragrance means you can not afford the summer, do not always fit. In this time of year is better use more robust, powerful spirits. Suitable means fragrant and cool fantasy direction.

Young people are recommended perfumes, emphasizing youth and beauty of youth. Older women are better elect spirits colognes, toilet waters, in a composition dominated by spicy scent or perfume with an invigorating, fresh, unobtrusive flavor. Brunettes do not fit the smell of perfume sharp. They should be used for perfuming the body, underwear and clothes Fresh and cold scent. Blondes make better use of warm perfume fragrances. If you use perfume to consider even the color of the dress.

If the clothing is dominated by bright colors, it is best to use a perfume with a soft, light flavors and smells cool. Evening are the warm perfume in the aroma dominated by spicy, balsamic odor. Consider daytime recognized spirits possessing natural, floral scents. For Special Occasions better use perfume with a spicy, floral scent of fantasy. Work can not be used for spirits with a pungent odor in the room with significant crowding should be avoided spirits haunting, sentimental, warm, spicy scents that can irritate the nose. Hot, spicy perfume can not be used during the dances, for these cases are more suitable cold spirits. Universal spirits. Fragrance industry also produces perfumes for all age groups, which have the same success can be used both day and night. When selecting a perfume should be considered as a skin condition. For example, people allergic, it is better to use no perfumes, colognes and toilet water or. Because there is less alcohol and composite materials, they are less drying and irritating to the skin. And more. When choosing perfumes you should know that strength, sharpness, and the nature of smell is felt immediately, but with the gradual evaporation and after some time (3-5 minutes). There are three basic odor, gradually passing from one to another: the initial, basic (Middle) and residual. Choosing perfume, do not judge about the quality of the initial smell, one that appears immediately after applying them on clothes, skin and hair. The most characteristic odor properties are manifested only 15-20 minutes. This scent is the primary (middle) and persists for a long time. Usually only after 20-25 hours it starts to fade, but left after a residual odor can stick to feelings surface for 10-15 hours.