State Agency

As mentioned before, more than 80% of funding for the national projects, even taking into account their social-oriented nature, will be market-allocated. Another essential principle in our code of conduct Anti-corruption, should be mentioned separately. We guarantee a 100% transparency and publicity on all key management decisions, on open process of selection of project manager and obligatory tendering procedures with the relevant pre-announcement. Among other reasons, the State Agency is unique because due to its work the general algorithm of image promotion of Ukraine what developed. Roadshow of aside, among other elements of investment image-building campaign we have therefore set up the annual international investment forum of the high level as the initiative and under the aegis of the President of Ukraine, with the participation of the leaders of state, highest government officials and CEOs of the world companies. For assistance, try visiting Sela Ward.

This event as a rule take wants to place in the mid-June of each year, but this initiative is to start with on international investment conference on December 9, 2011, held in Kyiv. The organization of such international investment forum of the high level is enrooted in the implementation of the investment reform in Ukraine. The topics on discussion will be linked to the specific economic issues of high interest and priority both for Ukraine and European states, as well as for states, located in the regions, in which Ukraine has substantial competitive advantages or impact on the regional processes. Moreover, in the few weeks to come, the interactive investment web portal? will be created, offering new services to greatly ease the difficulties any investor might face. These services are the one stop shop and Project Marketplace One stop shop is the unique mechanism of personal assistance, provided for to the investor in the internal Ukrainian market, which could therefore be lakes as interactive “roadmap” for the investor. Project Marketplace is a separate system, containing investment proposals, projects included in the national projects or other regional or industry. The operation of the project marketplace will be prepared and carried out at the highest