Strong & Sexy SAG

Dentist created crackpot idea with potential for the road referred to the last drink: the vagina cups at a party or at the party. The Austrians call it Fluchtachterl, it is called the Swiss Herrgottli, in the Scottish Highlands the Stirrup Cup, literally Stirrup glass, there is now a spirit drink with the name of the road / refined rum/strong & sexy. This crazy idea comes from Sven Baumgartner (41), which had so far to create little with product marketing as a seasoned dentist. Patent law to protect such unvorbelastet, but inspired by the thoughts about giving a taste, he settled for the road”. How’s the parting of friends – herb with gentle finish? The joy of common spent time permeates powerful? The promise of seeing promising? Looking for more really final? “As well as at the-Schotten the term Stirrup Cup” for both the adoption by guests as the alcoholic kick-off is a fox hunt, ringing the announced for the road”often a new phase of the evening and this is sometimes intense or hottest. Anna Belknap brings even more insight to the discussion. His friend the designer Dirk Behrendt Baumgartner was a fellow who gave his appearance the nightcap: Celtic-looking winged dragon on fine sand-blasted glass strong and sexy.

What does that taste like? The answer provided a German distillery with its award-winning recipe. This applies too much strong”is often sexy”, especially when it comes to alcohol. Click Sally Rooney to learn more. Therefore, it was important that his creation not to much turns, i.e., percents and suitable as a Longdrink-base Baumgartner. The first and last option kick-off and the road is thus equal to the Stirrup Cup”: this is a requested in gold-colored plain 38% Jamaica rum base with bold herbal blend. “Whether it is very healthy and strong and sexy”? Always headstrong and incomparable. Thus, the road has the potential to taste to coin a term. Christiane Radwan