The bed can be as a footboard, and without the foot of the size (width of the bed 90cm to 180cm in length depending on the model can be 2m, and more less). Not equipped with either a lattice or a mattress. Closet 4-and 6-door, some models have compartments. Custom-built furniture. Taymoble (Taymoble) specializes in furniture and coffee tables. All the furniture series Taymoble is made of high-quality beech, decorative elements – stucco.

Fabric – Teflon coating. Upholstery silk, Habil. Sofa 2-D and 3-seater, depending on the model can be folding (mechanism – U.S. clamshell). Table top can be a marble or glass. Custom-built furniture. Moblesa (Moblesa) All furniture series Moblesa manufactured from high quality beech, drawing – marquetry.

Handcrafted wood gives added value furniture and turns it into real art. Value is further enhanced by using techniques such as inlaying with precious wood, patina, gold leaf application and silver. Custom-built furniture. Zaragoza (Zaragoza) Living in a classical style. Made from high quality beech, drawing – marquetry. All the shelves inside are covered with veneer. In a series of Asturias – olive and cherry veneer, Toledo – Veneer pyatinskogo oak. Custom-built furniture. Linea stil (Linif Steele) All furniture series Linea Stil manufactured from high quality beech, veneer, leather, mesh – the plant junk – a natural fiber. Custom-built furniture. Rosamor (Rosamor) Joint production in Russia and Spain. Living in a classical style. Varies depending on the facade. It is made of a laminate pattern – silk screen printing. Color nogal (walnut). Figure 2 Structure of the facades of varieties: – cut root model, “Paris” – a cut tree trunk, the model of “Vienna.” The standard is presented in the scheme “Rosamor”. This series consists of modular user-friendly system that is ideal for any size customer. On request, you can change the height, depth and content of the wall. Series has a huge range, including: living rooms, bedrooms, walls, hallways, classrooms, children’s rooms and accessories.