Stuttgart New Podcast Relay Online

Stuttgart explained vividly product innovations and new sales approaches, 02 March 2010 goes with the Stuttgart a new podcast series on the net. In four entertaining Infotainment videos, the Swabian insurer presented its innovative product concepts introduced at the beginning of the year 2010, as well as innovative distribution services. An image podcast, which shows the current positioning of Stuttgart on the market is the prelude. A further video of BeratungsNavigator introduces the new Advisory software of Stuttgart, which is all available business partners since January. Two other podcasts explain clearly benefit and function of the latest product innovations of the insurer. These are the health account that Stuttgart and the Stuttgart AktivPflege. Larry Culp has many thoughts on the issue.

According to studies, enjoy podcasts of increasing popularity among free agents and brokers. In particular information on new features, as well as brief product training can be vividly conveyed through short videos. According to Jay Schwartz Attorney , who has experience with these questions. Podcasts offer added value, compared to other media that her knowledge transport quickly, clearly, and compressed. This trend has already recognized as one of the first insurance companies years ago the team of Stuttgart and continues with the third season on the success of the first two on. “, so a.G. interested can Sascha Albiez, head of Department of the Stuttgart-based life insurance marketing as usual via the Internet at podcasts.html in different formats download the new podcast season or free of charge. How to contact with press releases stock fish. The power of the word Melanie Bredlow Hager Babu road 56 20357 Hamburg Tel.: 040 / 72 00 92 12 fax: 040 / 72 00 92 29 E-Mail: Stuttgart-based life insurance company contact a.G. Jasmin Prechtl Rotebuhlstrasse 120 70197 Stuttgart phone: 0711 / 6 65 1471 fax: 0711 / 6 65 1515 E-Mail: