Summer Festival

A feast made it the special fish from the Werbellinsee fish restaurant “Aquamarin” in Chorin with dance and good mood around the Marane-with the annual whitefish Festival to adapt to the needs and expectations of our guests. Surprising is the diversity of presentation of small whitefish that tickles the palate again and again on the new and leading to a rounded taste. A summer celebration of a special kind, the fish restaurant offers aquamarine”in Serwest. All guests are invited to the 01.08.2009 19:00, who want to enjoy themselves and even to like to eat fish. The special feature: It’s all about the whitefish itself. You do not know the whitefish? This is a very special fish, very deep and living only in really clear waters. This includes the Werbellinsee.

“This evening in the fish restaurant aquamarine” revolves around this extremely delicious specialty. There is a whole menu of Whitefish spread over the evening. By smoked, about Fried guests up to the soup and sour marinated whitefish with many interesting side dishes and arrangement variants a menu strotzendes by specialities. The menu and the subsequent dance the summer night is included for only 25.00 per person. Now we just hope that the weather God is gracious to us and all in the beautiful beer garden, wine entwined, can take place. Well and if non – there is also a large room! Birgit Hohenstein fish restaurant “Aquamarin”