Sustainable Development And Eco-tourism

In the heart of the rainy tropical forest, one is a wonderful and peculiar zone of concentration of native species and spectacular landscapes, that would be well admiring them, to enjoy them and sobe everything to bring back to consciousness us of which we are to a step to lose it everything. While we do not change this custom to only destroy everything what we have we will not be able to think about enjoying and contemplating our wonderful one and forgotten world. We can to throw view to side, to try to cover sun with finger but crude reality is that more and more and plus our world it is and clear danger, each of us would have to put his granite of sand to avoid what evidently it comes us above, eco-tourism is idea more than sensible to demonstrate that we can and we must to try to realise activities, that by the way always will be injurious for the planet, that at least allows to give a breathing us to the ecosystem and that the industry of the tourism does not become na heavy stoneware I have inconveniences for the sustainable development but it is important part of this, nowadays the eco-tourism is only an activity with profit spirits therefore not exactly to that we called ” to him; sustainable development.. .