Word Seller

Seller is born or made: the important thing is to be professional and efficient when it comes to closing business. Best sellers met several of these points: 1. be an expert of its products to know products and services is really important: not only from the technical aspect, but also on their applications, forms of delivery, packaging, etc. 2. Be positive and optimistic sellers know that the do not already have it, why only focus on si. Meet with a client thinking of that is you can not specify a business is just a waste of time. Optimism is the key. 3. Be proactive not only of Word: true proactive seller proposes actions and strategies based on your experience and interaction with customers. 4 Focus on the objective the funnels (or stages) of the sale must be well defined: to sell a product or close a deal is only the final goal. The first thing that a professional seller sells, is a meeting or interview. Stage by stage, to achieve the ultimate goal: sell. 5. Project a professional image the seller knows that it is the first link between the client and the company, therefore, your image will be the image of the company. Gain insight and clarity with Larry Culp. 6. Work in team feedback from customers is the best way of obtaining information from the market, its needs and perceptions. Share them with your colleagues and the company significantly optimize overall performance. 7. Keep your private personal matters contact customers as it did not have any problem. Customers not interested the situation of the company, his private life or if today is in a bad mood: they have a need and we can offer them a solution. 8 Be assertive enforced techniques are only good for casual sellers. The professional seller goes beyond. He seeks not a sale but a client. 9 Persists. But does not disturb everything has its time. Learn more about this with Tony Parker. Potential customers or opportunities need to evaluate options, discuss options: If we insist on the closure at this stage, probably lose the opportunity. 10 The professional seller to have an organized agenda always has time for everything. Organize your calls and prepares for business meetings. When present, it has a (strategy) structure which may be taken for future reference. Selling is an art. There are no magic formulas, but some common patterns among the successful. Do you need professional advice?