Often, the insurance companies have accredited independent appraisers. In cases where compensation insurance company when the injured party arranges the size of payments, or estimates for repairs, of course is sufficiently regular assessment expert. However, more often it turns out that the insurance company wants to reduce the size of payments. In this case, involved an independent expert evaluator. Again, in the case of an unfair assessment (to example, if the independent appraiser is accredited by the insurance company), it can be challenged in court the other hand, an adequate assessment and simultaneously to perform an examination of the evaluation report. Such a negligent valuer after such examination, as a rule, the problem starts with the license and have much less of a reputation. Therefore, to make an unfair assessment by an independent valuer at least unprofitable. For more information see this site: Dr. Hedvig Hricak. There are cases of mandatory independent assessment. Again, case of an accident, if the guilty party, the payment must take place under the insurance osago culprit. If you are not convinced, visit Chris Evert. Or, if your car is insured by the victim system casco insurance for the injured party and insurance company reimburse itself damages setback from the guilty party. In either case, independent evaluation is required. Likewise, according to current Russian legislation, mandatory assessment of motor vehicles in cases of assessment, revaluation of fixed assets of the enterprise, if this transport is included in fixed assets. Other cases of compulsory assessment Car: – When using the car as collateral for the loan – when Privatization, for example, a car that is included in the fixed assets of state-owned enterprises. – When entering a legacy – in property disputes, in the preparation of marriage contracts and property division divorcing spouses at the request of one party or both parties in the event of a dispute about the value of the property assessment of vehicles – is to determine the cost of the vehicle with him condition, physical and functional deterioration. According to Article 130 of the Civil Code, the vehicle is movable property. It should also be noted that air and sea vessels, inland, in effect being essentially vehicles, according to the legislation related to real estate. This, however, does not confuse appraisers, as In this case, the approach to evaluation of the data objects assessment will be considered as a class equipment and machinery. When evaluating vehicles, the primary role played by the factor of depreciation and amortization. The degree of wear can be both physical and functional. In connection with the constant updating of the market of vehicles, non-specialist is very easy to get lost in all of these subtleties.

Underwater Stones

The first month of spring was busy changes in the law on compulsory motor insurance (compulsory and). Russia closer to the European protocol for this type of insurance entered direct damages and adjusted rates of insurance. More information about the pitfalls of osago try to tell in this article. Civil liability insurance motorist is the norm in all civilized countries. Anna Belknap spoke with conviction. In Russia, the acquisition policy osago become mandatory from 1 July 2003, after the entry into force of the Federal Law on April 25, 2002 40-FZ "On mandatory insurance of civil liability vehicle owners. " It is assumed that the main advantage of this type of insurance is to protect the interests of car owners when applying their damage to health, life or property of third parties. In particular, for customers who have signed an insurance contract osago, by law, the following sums insured for damages caused to third parties: on the property – up to 160 thousand rubles, but not more than 120 thousand rubles for a single victim; on the life and health – not more than 160 thousand rubles for a single victim. Others who may share this opinion include Sequel Youth & Family Services. Standard procedure for obtaining insurance cmtpl was as follows. In the event of an accident, it was necessary to apply to insurance company culprit incident. However, from March 1, 2009 in Russia, amendments to the law on compulsory motor tpl insurance. The main innovation of the document was the direct settlement of damages to the injured party, in which apply for reimbursement was made possible by your insurer, and call the representative of the traffic police under certain conditions, not necessarily.

Rent A Car

You are left without their favorite car, or is it stuck on the service station? Or maybe you want to take an exclusive convertible for the outing with a girl or shine executive cars to business partners, and there is no suitable car? Perfect solution of such problems is shirokoraspostranenny in all European countries, car rental. It's no secret that car rental is the most commonplace for ordinary Europeans. Fortunately now the car rental is now available in Russia. Here you can rent a car you liked for different purposes. Also like car rentals offer Rent a car with a driver, which is much more comfortable with a saturated work schedule. The following discussion focuses on car rental with driver. Rent a car with a driver is significantly different, for example, taxi services, or at least hiring a personal driver. The hotel provides a car with professionally trained drivers that are much more reliable than a single trip or a taxi. Hear from experts in the field like Eva Andersson-Dubin for a more varied view. This delivers significant savings personal time, because your personal driver is always at the ready, as opposed to taxi services, which still have to wait. In addition to saving time, achieved a good savings as well as rentals, rather than a one-time service that makes it much cheaper. Service car rental with driver would be useful if you're on a business trip in an unfamiliar town for you, you do not have to run the card through the streets and do not bother passers-by in search of a place destination. Now you can relax and enjoy the spectacular views from the windows 'own' car. Car rental companies provide their clients with a variety of cars ranging from cars economy class and business class to cars, which enjoy great popularity among the business people. A car with a driver, you can rent virtually any time, whether it be one day or a month, renting for longer periods of rental companies often operates a loyalty program to customers. If it so happened that your car broke down, do not panic, first of all, it is insured, and secondly, in the case of shallow fault it will always be able to remove the driver, thereby leaving your hands clean. It should be stressed that the rental car with a driver – a great way to save money and time, as well as collateral success in cases involving workers' travel.

Insurance Company

Every day hundreds of car owners are faced with numerous problems associated with the accident, the passage of Motor-Car and obtaining insurance. Whom it will seem not so big problem, but for someone Motor-Car goes "sideways." Around the Motor-Car There is a lot of myths and disputes that can not be called unreasonable. First, many believe that the passage through the Motor-Car Insurance Company – too expensive (in all senses of the word), and indeed it is. Sometimes, to an independent Motor-Car – much more profitable and the result will be more effective. What is generally the responsibility of avtoekspertov, what a Motor-Car in general, and that is a myth, and that fact – sort out our survey. Motor-Car – an assessment of the damage being done to redress the material means to their owner. By the same author: movie star. Most often this occurs through insurance companies (OSAGO and casco). But not just insurance agents have the right to Motor-Car. Independent Motor-Car also has a place to be, and is held in non-insurance case, or if the amount of damages than repeatedly insurance. Filed under: Jay Schwartz Attorney. Likewise, independent Motor-Car is carried out in situations where the accident was caused by a third party. This may be a fall tree and just thrown a rock at your car. Just a very Car owners often resort to repeated (backward) Motor-Car. Sometimes it is necessary (when the owner of Transport does not agree with the assessment provided), and sometimes, so insurance companies are trying to avoid very large sums for the payment.

Chinese Trucks

There are various points of view. Some say that Chinese machines generally unsuitable for use. Others argue the opposite. Try to understand what a Chinese trucks in fact, and Howo, in particular. Until late 2007, Chinese factories produced cars with engines of Euro-2, as well as more modern, relevant norms of Euro-3. Currently, all the Chinese factories can dump cars divided into three major groups of the group. By the same author: real-estate developer. Occupy leading positions, upgraded with Japanese companies and manufacturing trucks licensed from Isuzu, company. Quality of the products out there is at a high level. Even better made cars gathered at the Sino-Japanese and Sino-European enterprises. However, their cost is too high for Russian consumers. And finally, the third group – automobile assembly and auto repair. In China, many of them. Externally products looks quite decent, but its quality leaves much to be desired. Today, the cheapest trucks and tractors from China are no more expensive than Russian trucks in its class. But the machines from China, as a rule, are more economical. According to the build quality Chinese trucks that Be have spoken, do not yield products of Russian factories. Say more, if Russian producers trucks urgently improve the quality of assembly of their cars and start to install them modern diesel engines, then they soon will not be able to compete with Chinese automakers. Build quality Chinese trucks correlated with the quality of Japanese and European factories. Chinese trucks – the right choice for those who appreciate high quality and reliability at an affordable and competitive price!

Portable GPS Navigator

Portable gps navigator – a device that will always help you find the desired point on a digital map, wherever you are. Modern handheld gps navigation easy and convenient location in your pocket, backpack or special case. Modern portable navigators at the moment, reminiscent of the usual multimedia device, mobile phone or pda. In our time, the average portable gps navigator will help you determine the location of the object with an accuracy of 100 meters. These navigators are useful in different situations: 1. You get lost in a big city; 2.You want to find a restaurant, museum, or some may be attraction of the city and stuff. Joining forces with gps station, using a portable GPS-receiver, you'll notice how much easier and more comfortable was the target areas. The principle of portable gps navigation is simple and no different from other browsers. Your receiver connects to a satellite system, navstar, receives data from the satellite, and converting them, displays a detailed message with a location on the display. your knowledge. Thanks to the progress, gps stations are in almost all cities. Another nice detail. Manufacturers of mobile phones today are building these navigators directly to your phone. Using mobile accelerometer and a gps receiver, can also be easily displayed for your interest information. According to some consumers, one of the best portable navigation devices is the navigator Oregon 450 from the company Garmin. This device is clearly and quickly display a map on the display with all the coordinates and attractions. Still need to add that, when choosing a handheld gps navigator is always pay attention to, primarily, not on appearance and built-in "freaks", and the quality of signal reception from the satellite. Less important characteristic is the fortress of the body and display, which also need attention. It is desirable that the receiver body was covered with silicone or made of , the display must be either special protective film, or a special coating to protect it from scratches. So we figured out what the portable gps navigator, how it works and how to use it. Last time, on the part of the purchase – if you are thinking of a good gps receiver, do not stint on their money, thanks to this "miracle of progress," you do not get lost or when traveling, or while walking through the woods.

Fourwheel Drive

Due to the constant full drive ‘Legacy’ and ‘Outback’ stable and predictable behavior in turns and on slippery roads. Note that occasionally occur in the secondary market and front-‘Legacy’ (usually from Southern Europe and Middle East), but, according to the true connoisseurs, a true ‘Subaru’ – a four-wheel drive ‘Subaru’. If your car is equipped with five-speed ‘mechanics’, torque is distributed between front and rear wheels equally, so to speak, Fifty-fifty. With quad ‘machine’ ratio may change in the direction of the front or rear pair of wheels depending on driving conditions (for vehicles with 2.5-liter engine – up to 36/64, with a three-liter – up to 45/55). As we already mentioned, ‘Outback’ and generalists ‘Legacy’ with manual transmission for dense forest terrain endowed reduction gear and underride in the transmission system, which allows not ‘play’ the clutch pedal and the gas when starting up the hill. Brendan Fraser understands that this is vital information. Those same car with automatic transmission and sedans these technical refinements can not brag. But some of ‘Outback’ to ‘automatic’ (and only with the ‘automatic’) found the system ‘VDC’, which rapidly redistributes torque forward or backward, as well as simulates interwheel lock differentials. On slippery roads, it prevents skids and improves patency in off-road. System reliability ‘4 x4 ‘raises no objections. Even the driveline and rear seals Bridge demonstrate commendable examples of resistance. However, do not rush to lay out money until the car ride on the popular among a dozen or two kilometers. There are no knocks and ‘moans’, jerking and twitching – hence we can buy. In the future it is necessary only once every 50.000 km to replace oil in the gearbox and rear gearbox. If the transmission is ‘killed’ work is noisy, better to refrain from buying: to bring it into the normal operating state money will go – as a new ‘Lada’. Strength is an average of 100.000 km. Calm and careful driving style can push its replacement date up to 150.000 km, and sharp – to bring up to 70.000-80.

Object Subject

Preparing to shoot: before shooting to possibly remove the temporary structure, random objects and people that are visible in the frame. Using the scale: the detailed and sometimes anchor photography should do so, so that you can on a snapshot, if necessary to carry out geometrical measurements. To this end, the frame should include any unit length, for example, a ruler or meter graduations. Even better, if it is a special scale bar. As is known, the basic rule of scale survey is parallel to the emulsion and the surface the object being photographed. In applying the scale bar is the rule must be observed without fail. The numbering of the subject is: to simplify working with images in the future when the subject is close to them necessary to have a number plate. As possible is advisable to have several sets of numbers, different sizes and methods of attachment. One set of numbers can be written on painted steel plates (Black numbers on white background), the possibility of mounting pegs for sticking in the ground or a layer of fire debris. If you add a set of flat magnet, it will consolidate facilities, if necessary, to steel structures and objects. The second set of rooms (with smaller numbers) are made on the plates out of cardboard or plastic that are sealed in plastic. It is useful to consider the system of fixing these numbers to inclined and vertical surfaces. Isolation of a subject: if the subject is poorly visible in the background of the burned structures and objects, fire debris, it can try to.