Classic Parquet Floors Back in Style

The classic parquet flooring is coming back into fashion as a major reason will surely be that wood is a natural product and every piece of floor in color and texture is unique. By exposure to light, it changed its hue. Wood absorbs moisture and releases it from space again, thus expands and contracts together again, just take good care of the floor gives a long life. Parquet is available in different ways, as the solid, solid wood flooring, panel parquet and parquet. The solid hardwood floor is huge with a lifetime 50-100 years. It is always permanently attached to the substrate, usually it is stuck. Read additional details here: Anna Belknap. Solid wood planks are sized larger and have a greater gap formation. At table or inlaid floor is hand-jointed panels, which are laid in tongue and groove connection. In addition to the usual cubes, straw, and there is the herringbone plates with different, visually structured motifs and elaborate designs. Special plaques can elaborate ornament Marquetry of lighter and darker wood, rectangular patterns, complex ornaments and other individual designs can be fitted. They are made from selected, colored and foreign woods. A parquet floor consists of large-scale elements as a ship’s bottom or planks, which usually allow three-layer quick and easy installation, no matter whether floating or glued moved the entire surface. For a three-layer engineered flooring floating installation is necessary. A solid, full-surface bonding, however, should always be preferred, as this greatly increases the life span. More and more is catching on, especially in new construction as well as the single bar s finish in the multilayer structure, as this creates the appearance of a massive parquet, but which offers greater dimensional stability and lower installation height. This can also nervous wood floors with floor to be produced with underfloor heating. The installation times will be by the finished, custom-fit elements significantly reduced, so that after curing of the adhesive of the soil immediately available. The total life span (25-50 years) but well below that of the solid. The stronger the longer the life of the wear layer.