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FRANZIS new quick media convert Deluxe for iPod, ringtone & co. audio and video correctly convert FRANZIS new quick media convert Deluxe for iPod, ringtone & co. Poing, Munich (24.06.2009) – standard entertainment on the road, in the Cafe, or in the holidays now music and videos via the mobile phone, MP3 player or NetBook just belong. Audio – and video files but can exist in a variety of source file formats and must be converted for use in the format support for the appropriate playback devices or converted. FRANZIS offers easy to understand solution for users a new, exact match before the holiday season. The quick convert media Deluxe converts music or audiobook files for all popular MP3 player devices. The software from a variety of source formats, DVDs to portable playback devices convert videos. Well prepared for the holidays, with the appropriate music, favorite books or videos you can relax not only during the Travel, but can really enjoy your holiday. The Windows XP and Vista compatible quick convert media Deluxe is at a price of EUR 29.95 immediately via and German box version or as a download from specialist shops available. FRANZIS quick convert media Deluxe easy to understand operation of quick convert media Deluxe also suitable for technically uninterested and new users who prefer easy playable results for their devices at the push of button, without having to deal with technical details. Audio features the highlights of the audio features in the quick convert media Deluxe include the conversion of audio files, including MP3 players like Archos, Zen, Sansa, i.Beat, Apple iPod, music CDs and the most popular audio formats as WAV, MP3, WMA, AAC(M4A), as well as audiobooks. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Tony Parker. Users who prefer their individual ringtones for your mobile phone, can convert short pieces of sound in WAV format and use. The software automatically detects the audio formats to be converted.