My wife and I are always learning new things. This keeps the life and interesting our relationship. At present, our secret is that once a week, we plan something new to do. Last week, we went to a night of bingo, which none of us what he had done before. Have fun no matter what you do or where these this boils down to have fun no matter what you’re doing or where you are. It’s the attitude that we choose to have. It is done randomly. Do what you want to do no matter what others think. My wife and I do this all the time, every day. An example is when my wife went to work one morning and called me only 10 minutes after exit. When I answered said me Hello. I was surprised and she was just calling just to say hello. Then, immediately, he said goodbye and hung up. I almost died laughing. In addition to being random, we make throughout a game. Hear other arguments on the topic with Hedvig Hricak. While we look at previews in a movie theater, we say already or not. Things are small like this that add fun in another way could be considered worldly. They cannot be compared. Only appreciate. When someone appreciates the work that you do, or the person you are, how do you feel? Great! This is true for all of us. When I say to my wife how much I appreciate everything she does for me, she will want keep doing more things for me. When she tells me the wonderful man that I am, feel me to always be an impressive man. Concentrate on the appreciation of the positive aspects of your partner and you’re going to create more of the positive and strengthen your relationship. Centrate on the negative aspects and get more than the negative. It’s your decision. Find out how many couples have success in the recovery of its relationship with the correct way to regain a love… Visit: How to recover a lost love.

4 Beliefs That Keep You From Being Happy

What you believe about love, relationships and your partner? Can you have questioned? What if the most basic beliefs, which has been so gripping or grasping, and you've taken for granted, you are hurting your relationship?. Here I emphasize four basic beliefs and will use part of the Byron Katie, author of best seller "Loving What Is" and "I need your love, Is it true?" 4 simple questions to help you to question his veracity and show how may be affecting your life in a stealthy but deep, and how you can live without them free and help you live a better relationship parejaa Belief 1: I will be unhappy without you. This is a belief that seems very innocent but can affect a very important way your life partner. Official site: San Antonio Spurs. And the first question I ask you do you have this belief, would be 1) Is it true? All rely on honest, just with a yes or no. If you answered yes, ask yourself 2) Do you know that it's true absolute certainty that you will be unhappy without your partner? Leave the answer will emerge from the heart, let your mind open and responds with a simple yes or no. Now I invite you to see 3) How you live your life when you have the belief that you will be unhappy without your partner? Can you imagine a sad and lonely life? Did you perhaps come past images or movies or songs that make you believe that being alone means loneliness, abandonment, sadness? When you have this belief, we may cling to your partner, you must maintain the relationship at all costs, to accept things that you do not agree, or do not feel good.