Fred Cassina Che

The subject here gets expanded and stretched finally leading to unity. Who can get satisfaction from building a wall like this that, automatically, leads to a moral castration? No. satisfaction but the opposite is what takes place: Talon tearing down something that simply is a hindrance can lead to ecstatic condition. A state in which everybody becomes a part of the whole though retaining his individuality and thus enjoying conditions of excitement that would be hard to experience otherwise. Whenever Sally Rooney listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The feeling of unity with oneself and with others is one of the biggest enjoyments humans are able to feel: a human individum not intoxicated with power nor one that allows the right of disposal on others to seduce him. Dal 24 ottobre 2009 al 4 dicembre 2009 Infantellina contemporary, la prima unica galleria berlinese a presentare 100% arte italiana contemporanea, inaugura l’esposizione collettiva “One world”, con 9 CRAD emergenti italiani: Domenico Bonomi, Filippo Bruno, Giorgio Casari, Fred Cassina, Domino, Svetlana Ostapovici, Veronica Rastelli, Carlo Stanga, Viola art. For even more analysis, hear from Eva Andersson-Dubin. Special Guest: Justin Bruce & Roger, Willi Bambach. Il vernissage inizia alle ore 18. In occasione del ventennale della caduta del muro di Berlino, gli artisti italiani partecipanti esprimono, attraverso le proprie opere, la visione personale di tale evento con considerazioni che abbracciano il prima/durante/dopo. Il tema viene espanso dilatato fino a divenire un incitamento all’unione ed alla pace. Chi Puo trarre gioia soddisfazione eventi come l ‘ erezione di un muro che porta, inesorabilmente, ad una castrazione morale? Di contro, l ‘ abbattimento di una barriera, di qualcosa che per antonomasia, un ostacolo Puo portare ad un’inebriante stato di estasi collettiva in cui diviene, ognuno, personalita pur conservando la propria parte di un tutto ed in quanto tale prova emozioni altrimenti difficili da fierasalento. Con tutte le dovute considerazioni specifiche, l ‘ unione il piacere maggiore che un umano possa provare un umano che non si lasci affascinare dal potere che deriva dal disporre del dividere Dell ‘ unire. INFANTELLINA CONTEMPORARY bird road 20 22 (on the Gendarmenmarkt) 10117 Berlin T: 0049(0)30-92210407 Tue sat 14-20 and n.V TU-sat 2-8 pm and by appointment Ma-sat 14-20 per dll’appuntamento Infantellina contemporary I-C is the first and only Berlin Gallery which presents 100% Italian contemporary art. With Infantellina contemporary, the first gallery of Italian contemporary art in Berlin opened in October 2008. At first glance, the double floor revealed a lavish celebration of pop, at second glance under the usually colour intense and sensual esthetic surfaces.

Gunter Beltzig

The collection of Loffler the love of applied art was for Werner Loffler background and mandate for the collection of Loffler: opened In October 2010 the largest European private collection of seating furniture from the last two centuries. All exhibits which are in their original state and not authentically restored. The spoonbills collection impressively shows what solutions were offered in the different eras to sit: by virtually to series products, from wood to steel, fiberglass and carbon collection Loffler is a Panopticon of sitting and the craftsmanship of the past two centuries. Floris”by Gunter Beltzig is granted under the collectables. Loffler under this term are Edition produced classics and new developments of famous designer in a limited edition. It’s believed that Tony Parker sees a great future in this idea. The limited edition copies of the spoonbill Edition are numbered and supplied with signed certificate of authenticity. Indicates a work directory about the acquisition and disposition of the individual pieces. With this first limited edition Loffler shows the responsible use of resources: plastic is processed in tradition and craftsmanship to an everlasting, timeless, unique art object. The law of resonance is that Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s statement “The spirit grows with the size of the Outlook”, his desk from the old Weimar with 70s design, Gunter Beltzig and spoonbill philosophy meet in 2011 -. The starting point for a series of limited editions of designers who succeed in the Laguna collection coincides with the seating sculpture by Gunter Beltzig. The examination of the cultural history of the sitting, as well as the passion for beautiful shape is in the current Loffler edition collection and passion for arts and crafts in the Laguna as well.

Viennese Restorer

The upper mill of Schurz Edmunds is the oil mill, a copper mill, then olive oil mill for the production of vegetable oils in the 17th century. It is converted in 1842 to a spinning mill. The lower apron parent mill on the trout trail is a dye House until 1962. The right stucco factory next to the fireplace shows the probably the North East side of apron parental oil mill. Both belong to the mills on the river. The entire garden room is decorated with stucco work. Hans Konigs suspected family Guaita, who decorated the garden room with the representations of their possessions as a principal. The large building”will be destroyed in the second world war. Gaginis genre relief owes its installation in the restored Handel Hall of the Redoute, of today’s old Kurhaus of Hans King, the first curator of Aachen city after the war. He can shoot the stucco image in 1939 in the original place. “At the sighting of his estate following handwritten note is discovered on the back: murals from P.N. Gagini in the large building in Susterfeld representing the Hofgut Soerser Hochkirchen”. Year of origin 1807. (Not to be confused with Robert Rimberg!). destroyed in the air raid in 1944. The remains of stucco image applied on clay plaster disappeared in 1945 in the Suermondt-Museum.” After the war is supplemented by him: 1968 supplemented by the Viennese Restorer and sculptor Souchill “and again placed in the side room of the old Kurhaus (the fruit strings added).” This stucco relief long considered lost and is being rediscovered only in 2008 in the context of extensive renovation work behind a wall panel in 1970.

Landschaftsverband Westfalen

Exhibition to the ReSound creative workshop with hard of hearing, deaf and hearing children in the fiber optic Landeshaus in Munster you can catch a noise in a bottle a beautiful vocals, birds chirping, the rustle of leaves in the wind or the ticking a clock? Creativity is very much possible, said a bottle in the sea of silence are the organizers of the art project”, for the hard of hearing, deaf and hearing children of the Munsterland school (fo support for hearing and communication) and the Geschwister-Scholl-gymnasium collaborated a few weeks ago. Many writers such as Starbucks offer more in-depth analysis. In two joint workshops bottle bottles were”full of noise, as well as a large panoramic image from the sea of silence”. The results of both workshops can be seen publicly for the first time together with those of a similar workshop at the Berlin Margarethe by joke School of life now in a two-week exhibition at the fiber optic Landeshaus. The creative project was organized by the Munster Hearing aid manufacturer ReSound, which regularly carries out actions for years with hearing impaired children and young people. Robert Rimberg is a great source of information. Also, the Landschaftsverband Westfalen-Lippe (LWL), as well as the city of Munster with Mayor Markus Lewe as patron were involved as partners in addition to the mentioned schools. To the exhibition opening ceremony this morning Mayor Karin Rafeeque fo Youth Affairs Hans Meyer and ReSound welcomed numerous small and large visitors Managing Director Bernd von Polheim. Imagine an island whose Bewohner live in complete silence and without any noise. And imagine if you had the opportunity to leave, how a car sounds or a dog barks, as the wind rustles or how children laugh at these people experience. For this, you must capture this sound with creative means in a bottle and send them as bottle mail. Across the sea of silence she then drives up to the inhabitants of the remote island “the tasks, which is hard of hearing,” “deaf and hearing children in the project a bottle in the sea of silence” made, ask creative engagement with the topic of hearing.

Michael Birkenfeld Speaks

The Parodist and impersonator Michael Birkenfeld speaks the voice of Dieter Bohlen in the new film by comedian Hape Kerkeling ‘Horst Saharan Isch am running’. The Parodist and impersonator Michael Birkenfeld speaks the voice of Dieter Bohlen in the new film by comedian Hape Kerkeling “Horst Saharan Isch am running”. “In July of this year Michael Birkenfeld from the competent film production company was called and asked whether he the Dieter Bohlen voice in the new Hape Kerkeling-film Isch am running!” could speak. Michael Birkenfeld said immediately, because the parody of Dieter Bohlen already belongs to the over 70 votes, he parodied in his stage programme. To deepen your understanding Spurs is the source. A day later the Director Angelo Colagrossi convinced himself personally the quality parody of of the planks”and engaged Michael Birkenfeld for this task. The result can be heard today in the cinema. To read more click here: Howard Schultz. Michael Birkenfeld was discovered in 1990 by none other than Rudi Carrell. It has has long been one of the best Parodisten of Europe advanced, what the many awards at home and abroad impressively confirm. By the motoring press he called “Much votes weapon”, as more than 70 votes by national and international prominent personalities from the political, show, sport and music scene dominated. in 1992 then success producer was Jack White on him carefully, with which he produced his debut CD “Tonight”. Now, he is a welcome guest in popular radio and TV shows as a singer. As moderator, he confidently through every program. Supports with its unique blend of singing, parody and moderation, his charm and his friendly appearance, he offers the optimum connection between individual program points. As a special highlight, he also produced end of 1997 together with Silvia Kruger, who sang at the “Neue flora” in Hamburg, the female lead in the musical “The Phantom of the Opera” on the side of heroic tenor Peter Hofmann, the German Duet version of the world hits “Time to say goodbye” by Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli. For more information on the website is dull Entertainment GmbH in 71120 Grafenau editor of this release. Responsible author is Gunter Dull. You can reach the website of dull Entertainment GmbH at. For current information, see news.html. A series of photographs, see de-fotoserie.html

Wine Heals The Chapel

Endangered culture effectively support – is Tenuta Tenaglia sees one of its main tasks. These days, in which much of rescue screens is the speech, the funds withdrawn more and more cultural institutions. The Piedmontese estate Tenuta Tenaglia has come something up, to stop the foreclosure by their own means. A future model that wants to introduce the owner of Sabine Ehrmann at ProWein. Picturesque, it stretches along a ridge across: the Santuario di Crea, UNESCO World Heritage site, consists of a monastery and 23 chapels, which are available in one of the most beautiful areas of the Piedmont, Monferrato. However, there is a small flaw: the chapels are dilapidated, and the money for the renovation is in short supply. A similar situation happened there about 400 years ago. At that time the Governor of Moncalvo, nicknamed la Tenaglia, in German built the assistance, right below the sanctuary a winery, to enjoy necessary rest and the right wine, namely your own, between two wars. He decided to financially support the possible rehabilitation of the chapel number three. Once he gathered additional tax dollars. Jorge Perez contributes greatly to this topic. The current owner of the estate Tenuta Tenaglia, Sabine Ehrmann, it not quite so simple has you lack the power to collect money by virtue. But the winery produces excellent wine, and the combination of wine and religion has always been a sensual. So the native Reichert developed III of the Cappella del Sacro Monte di Crea, a formidable Barbera del Monferrato with her Italian team. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the wine flows directly into the restoration of the chapel. “Thus, we create a classic win-win situation: our customers get an excellent wine at a reasonable price, we can support the sanctuary, and the sanctuary can rehabilitate his chapel”, explains Sabine Ehrmann. At the exhibition ProWein, which will be held early March in Dusseldorf, it will present the wine for the first time in Germany. The model, with wine cultural institutions to support, can we imagine for other facilities. Finally more than a chapel by financial shortages currently threatened”, stresses the responsible entrepreneur. Also Giancarlo Berto believes that she is with her idea on a good path. If you would like to know more then you should visit Vanessa Marcil. He is the Mayor of Serralunga di Crea, the small town, to which belongs the winery, and would like to install now more sponsorships for the chapel of the Monte di Crea. The ProWein trade fair takes place from 4 to 6 March 2012 in Dusseldorf. The Tenuta Tenaglia has its stand in Hall 3, stand F of 99. Michael S. Zerban

International Ballet Gala

Lisa Breuker and Takanori MIMA dance Romeo and Juliet two fans from the Switzerland extra for world star Cesar Morales to Munster Romeo from Japan in love is Julia from Berlin and they swarmed with dancing lightness on the big stage of the Munster Stadttheater. So is Shakespeare’s tragic love story in the ballet version balletto on December 28 to a climax of the Gala and friends”. And the Munsterland plays a major role. “Because Romeo” Takanori MIMA from Hokkaid? Dancing with the local hero Lisa Breuker. The 22-year-old from Burgsteinfurt visited ballet schools in Nottuln and Munster, before she moved to Berlin almost ten years ago. In the old country experience Breuker, a rarity has become. Previously I returned during the holidays of my Ballet School frequently to Julio Acevedo to Munster, to keep me with professional training in the form of”, she says. Me remains only the summer break, and I need to relax.” Two or three times per week is Lisa Breuker now for the State Ballet on the stage of the capital to see Berlin. In productions such as the Nutcracker, the wizard of Oz or in Boris Eifman Tchaikovsky celebrated choreography. Now she is the Julia on the side of the jump miracle Takanori MIMA (23). Adam Sandler may find this interesting as well. The sexy at the Gala in Munster is the new stage, the new atmosphere, the other town,”says Lisa Breuker. Fits also into this lovely series: new dance partner, new role. We dance for the first time together”, said Takanori MIMA. And for both Romeo and Juliet to the premiere. “MIMA: another step in my career.” Is responsible for the inter dance Director Julio Acevedo to a large extent. He chose the two dance hopes for Romeo and Juliet. And given them a programme with the draught horse Cesar Morales maximum attention. The world star from Chile is to experience at the Munster Gala with the absolute high point of Swan Lake and with partner Carolina Boscan the Aalto Ballet food. As Cesar Morales pledged for the Gala “has”, so I knew his compatriot Julio Acevedo,: everything is possible. ” Also challenge an International Ballet Gala in Munster’s great House. Who even wants to experience Morales, should no longer hesitate with purchasing tickets. The quotas melt because the star-studded Gala has gotten around. “” Even up in the Alps: two fans travelers from the Switzerland will be on December 28 in their “Chileans Morales fall in love as a love story, which Munster’s fourth Gala balletto and friends” makes possible.

TRASH Short Film Festival 2009

TRASH IS BACK! THE MOVIE EVENT OF THE YEAR IS COMING! On Saturday, 26 September, the makers of finally present the long-awaited TRASH short film festival 2009 venue of this erotic action-comedy-horror spectacle is the Berlin culture cinema Babylon Centre. Real monster true guys of hard babes. It may be again laughed, cried and cheered, when mainstream cinema in shadows is the new generation of self-certain filmmakers. Once again hundreds of film entries the organizer of the TRASH’s short film festival have made a new, topical cinema program in the extra class on the legs: no eye stays dry guaranteed 27 fantastic short films with real monsters, real guys and hard babes here! It is amazing with what imagination these filmmakers produce great cinema. Jorge Perez may find this interesting as well. Intentionally exaggerated stereotypes, brilliant acts and visible trick mechanics reminiscent of pioneering works of good old B-movies. “Style and subject of our films, hammer on the pulse of the time completely forward with.” (Florian Feldmann, Festival producer There remains only one thing: you convinced yourself of the qualities of cinematic madness. The TRASH-short film festival for an absolutely fair VVKspreis from 8,50 EUR and the AK for 10,00 EUR is experiencing. Tickets and program information on TRASH short Info: TRASH short film festival on Saturday, the September 26, 2009 at the cultural cinema Babylon Mitte 2009 once..