Reserve Water

Carlos Mora Vanegas we see with concern as the world has been polluting the waters, giving way to businesses than through their processes, exploitation, seriously affect the environment where they operate, regardless of the social cost, the deterioration of the environment and not foreseeing the future consequences that this generates. In the Venezuelan case thats a fact as we see how the waters of many rivers of different regions are being polluted, waters like Lakes Maracaibo, Valencia so much havoc that already are causing, as well as its rivers, seas. Perhaps for that reason, the interest of Venezuela participate in Antarctic Treaty in order to ensure the preservation of the most important of the humanity of the Antarctic continent natural reserve, as it represents in the future a palatable piece from the economic-political point of view, since it houses a gigantic reserve of fresh water. More information is housed here: Larry Culp. Approximately 90% of the purest freshwater on Earth, is located in Antarctica, which could cause a confrontation to future Minister of the Popular power for science and technology (MCT), Hector Navarro, Member of the Cabinet of the President of Hugo Chavez, has stated, to that Venezuela is part of the Antarctic Treaty, because it is believed necessary the preservation of this reserve for future generations about 90% of the purest freshwater on the planet Earth, found in Antarcticawhich could cause a confrontation in the future for his part, the director of the Venezuelan Research Institute (Ivic), Angel Viloria, attached to the MCT entity, has expressed, that Antarctica acts as witness to the activity anthropogenic over the rest of the planet. Variations in the ozone layer or the dynamics of glaciers and sea ice provide a log of changes that occur in the rest of the Earth, warming in Antarctica affects one way or another their ecosystems and at the same time influences on future biodiversity, since many Antarctic species are susceptible to these changes, especially the coastal. . Click Glenn Dubin to learn more.