The most contested sentence for millions of Mexicans; I urge to money to pay for the light, gas, phone, etc. How many times in our lives we have been in a situation where a little extra money could mean removing us concern above. Financial peace comes when we begin to eliminate or our fixed expenses of a recurring… If we succeed in college tuition or the rent of the House to pay alone, to put it in some way, we can obtain the benefit of ensuring a basic life style and focus our work efforts in obtaining products and services aspirational. (LCD Tv, stereo last-generation car’s latest model, etc.) People are frustrate not obtain these products and services, because you must pay the indispensable to their daily lives, the problem is in does not have time to get that side resource that everything involves dedication and effort to achieve this. Electronic commerce is of the few activities that allow the individual to forge a side entry or secondary to help reduce recurring costs. Once a virtual store manages to be positioned between a base of buyers, obtainable recurrent revenues are constant, and with minimal effort in attention, dedication and investment. Digital franchising can help you achieve an important secondary income, our examples of success have led people to obtain revenues exceeding the 12 thousand pesos a month with 2 hours of work a week. (of course that at the beginning it advisable is 4 hours a day). Except that you win the lottery, which is highly unlikely, there are very few options for quick and easy money, but trade electronic is the closest thing to the secondary entry recurrrente with minimal effort and investment. Do these ready to earn money?… the only thing you need is attitude, dedication and desire to achieve financial independence. I hope you anime to try this new concept, don’t have much to lose and if much that win, only you must exit the traditional box and do something new and different. It is funny to think that you are going to different results doing the same thing forever. Atrevete!.