Medical Sciences

Throughout the world, is widely recognized that the Japanese – long-lived. By studying this natural phenomenon, scientists have concluded that, along with their extraordinary ability to handle stress, the clue lies in the great love of Japanese to seafood. And this is no accident. Read more here: Sela Ward. The sea gives us a unique chance to regain lost. More info: Sam Feldman. Chitosan – a natural polymer with a mass of remarkable properties. He is not only perfectly binds and removes from the body toxins and toxic substances, but also lowers cholesterol, stimulates the growth of beneficial intestinal flora, improves the peripheral blood, has antitumor activity. But that's not all. The biggest dream "pleasant at all relations "people – anything not to limit myself (referring to food), do nothing (meaning the sport) while gradually losing weight (it is known that rapid weight loss leads to sagging skin). If you tend to dream about Moreover, "hits" – your product. As a "fat burner" it is: a safe, non-toxic, effective and inexpensive. clinical efficacy Research "Hitovita were conducted at the Laboratory of Immunology, Institute of Atherosclerosis Clinical Immunology, Medical Sciences in Novosibirsk, where it was confirmed the effectiveness of the drug. composition Hits is a substance known around the world called chitosan. This polysaccharide from chitin shells crab with a very high value of deacetylation (not less than 92%). Scientists of the Siberian Branch of the Academy of Medical Sciences have developed a unique method of processing of chitosan – a heterogeneous degradation, which yields a mixture of molecules chitosan with different molecular weight, which facilitates its bioavailability.