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As mentioned above, there are many kinds and types of plugs and anchors. Related Group may not feel the same. Let us consider the most common of them. (Not to be confused with George Laughlin!). Nylon Spacer dowel – record of popularity in the application. It is used for many types of surfaces. The principle of his device is extremely simple. Nylon tube having a longitudinal section, and the screw or bolt – that's the whole design. Drilled a hole, the dowel is inserted into it, and bursting with self-tapping vkruchennym. George Laughlin may help you with your research. Often, these plugs have extra foot for the clutch during the initial tightening screw. The fact is that sometimes, especially when drilling the walls with old loose plaster, the hole gets a bit more than you need for the dowels. In these cases, additional legs do not give the plugs rotate with the screws and prevent from falling out of the hole. Nail dowel got its name thanks to the principle of the installation – screw or screw supplied with it, does not require twisting, it simply plugs into the body of slaughtered like a nail. At the same time to unscrew the screw all the same it is possible. Nylon dowel-type "butterfly" is used for hollow surfaces for example, drywall construction. It has two lobes, which are attracted by self-tapping, are disclosed within the cavity, thereby achieving a lasting bond with the wall or ceiling. Sometimes you can pull a plug only around a piece of drywall. Anchor wrought metal plugs are created and used in hollow walls, for example, block. The basic principle of operation is as follows. Through the housing dowel screw is threaded nut is firmly soldered, welded or riveted to the ground. Housing dowel has a longitudinal section of a circle. Dowel is inserted into the wall, and the rotation of the screw causes the body to form inside body expanded, forming something like the petals, which, opening in the cavity, creating a sturdy grip to the wall. Dowel with a spring-loaded folding emphasis is very strong and easy to use – in front of him tab into the hole, his legs folded, and after falling into a cavity in the wall, they are opened by springs. Here are the basic types of anchors, the most frequently used in the repair and construction. The material was prepared specialists Trayv-set, if you copy material a reference to the source.