Dreams Conquests

If you to come to ask yourself for where I walked In the time where you you dreamed Of open eyes you will say Friend to it I you despaired, of music the Dry Palo, Belchior. I ask what you made in the night of 25 of April of 1984? The question can until remembering jarges of those tinned police films presented in the dawns or some novel interrogation. But in contrast of suspected of films or the novels that know that the question can be trap to become evident the suspicion in crime, I know accurately where I was and what he made on this day. The scene is the center of Campinas, more necessarily Wide Rosary, palco of popular manifestations, is they cultural politics, esportivas or. I and thousand of people (my group age of students of 3. year of Journalism of the Puccamp) we folloied vote the vote the transaction of the emendation of the Direct ones Already, of the Dante member of the house of representatives de Oliveira, that one that after 20 years of Military dictatorship could symbolize the redemocratizao of> Already. The night had started tense, with apago of two hours in parts of the regions South and Southeastern of the Country. In Brasilia, troops of the Army had occupied part of the Esplanade of the Ministries and if they had located in front of the National Congress. To the eves of the voting, the Federal District and some goianas cities had been submitted to the Measures of Emergency of Plateaus, presided over for general Joo Figueiredo Baptist. the fatal blow against the emendation of the Direct ones Already came with the maneuver of politicians allies to the regimen, 112 members of the house of representatives had not appeared to the plenary assembly of the Chamber in the day of the voting, making that the emendation was rejected by not reaching minimum number of votes for the approval. I age one between> p and t of Native land in the acronym, I cried as well as millions of true Brazilians who cried in all Country. The direct elections for president alone would come more five years after, in 1989. They had been 26 years since that night of 25 of April of 84 and our fight (of millions of anonymous Brazilians) was not in goes, if we did not make the hour that moment; we walk, we sing (we cry), we follow the song, we learn, we teach the new song not to die for the native land, but decent to live with reason. Edson Silva, 48 years, journalist of the Assessorship of the Press of the City hall of Sumar. Email: edsonsilvajornalista@ yahoo.com.


We invite our Dilma president to make a tip trip the tip of Brazil to better know the country that is governing. The idea is that this trip is carried through with bus and by the roads, with right to eat in the restaurants in way. Movie Star is often quoted as being for or against this. The objective is to know the cities and towns of the states as Bahia, Sergipe, Alagoas, Pernambuco, Rio Grande of the North, Cear, Piau, Amazon, and other states, and if to make familiar to the reality of the life of 95% of the people. To see in fact: where these peoples all play its sewer and its garbage, as it is the state of the colleges, schools and hospitals, as the sick people are taken care of, which are the ways of diversion and leisure young them, as the feeding is supplied, as they are the roads and the transport of the population and a thousand and other aspects of the life that necessarily they need a deep evaluation. The president of a nation will only know its country when to leave the cabinet. We follow eight years the Government of Mr. Lula who travelled stops all the countries, and gave lectures in great congresses. It pronounced beautiful speeches that had impressed the peoples of the world. But, unhappyly, it did not have time to travel for the roads of Brazil, and lost the chance to especially know the delay of our Brazil in the interior. It left the government with states and cities with the quality of very worse life from what it received. The example, of the violence and traffic of drugs that if expanded of the slum quarters of Rio De Janeiro for Recife, Salvador, So Paulo and other cities. Until the police stations they are white of assault and devastao of the outlaws.The lack of order and ethics is generalized.

William Shakespeare

They will leave the time to pass. Nobody will be made responsible by the carnage. Nobody knows or nobody wants to decide the problem. The politicians will continue arguing ‘ ‘ sex of anjos’ ‘. They want a solution? They create laws that compel all the politicians, of any species to only keep its children in public college. That I know, this project already was vetoed by you same. Why? Because the children you are better of what the children of whom they pay to you? That is discrimination! Or because, really, they are not interested in deciding the problem to you? EDUCATION: He will be that a professor is less important for the nation that one politician? To the majority of politicians, without any preparation for the position and that they are there for enjoying of ‘ ‘ immunities parlamentares’ ‘ , the routes of the nation have as responsibility and monthly gain more than a hundred of thousand of cruises. How much earns a professor? What is responsible for the route that our descendants will give to this Brazil? In mine to understand they are not interested you in this; your children will immigrate for other countries with the richness hoarded for you, many times in inconfessveis ways. He would not be just to say that all are classified in this type of politician, but is not just also to say that they do not have no responsibility in the subject, therefore ‘ ‘ who is silent, consente’ ‘ all are there for seeing, of close, the procedures of the cambada one.