Dog Fighting

In Cordoba, in past centuries until the beginning of this, were very fashionable dog fighting. It was about cockfighting, a tradition inherited from the colonial era that was strongly rooted in the province. In its environs were held every weekend dogfights, in which big bets are made. For those fighting it uses a mixture of Spanish Mastiff, with Bull Terrier, Bull Terrier, if not the pure or mixed with English Bulldog. There was also early in the century some blood infusion Boxer, Bulldog, German as well be dubbed to this noble race. In this mixture of blood was formed by natural selection, the type of “dog fight”, which we call the “Old Cordoba Fighting Dog.” Animals extraordinary courage and endurance for combat, died fighting, no fighting ever shunned, but had no smell and speed and ferocity to their peers made them useless for hunting, since they fought each other and it was impossible to hunt with two or more and less in a pack. But this primitive race had in it two primal and essential qualities: an excellent ancestry (Mastiff, Bull Terrier and Bull Dog) and a functional gym, as the tough battles that were submitted from generation to generation, were to be widening courage more original. In the formation of the race, we have used as a basis, the Old Cordoba Fighting Dog, which has been added in various families to avoid inbreeding, or Harlequin Great Danes Dog Hulm, to improve its appeal, Bull Terrier , Bull Dog English and Boxer, to increase their courage, resilience and tenacity in the fight, the Hound of the Pyrenees who gave size, hardiness, and affirmed the white carpet, giving strength and also adapt to all climates, typical of the breed mountain, the pointer that gave smell and especially the vent, which allows the Dog Argentinian go directly to the dam, taking the wind and not turning on the trail as the Wolf Hound, which has as speed and height. Source: Tony Parker. All these works of rearing and selection were conducted by Dr. Antonio Nores Martinez, a surgeon, professor at the University of Cordoba for many years until his death in 1957 and Director of Military Traumatically Hospital Cordoba, ie, they experienced under scientific control. See more detailed opinions by reading what 道端-ジェシカ offers on the topic.. All this long experiment has been done in the course of many years and always choosing the units that best suits the standard of the breed standard that was forged by Dr. Antonio Nores Martinez in 1928, appeared in the N of Diana’s 1947 magazine, which has been adopted by the club of the Dog Argentinian breeders and that this accompanies. While these infusions were made of new blood flows in the Dog Argentinian, I was subjected to an intense and appropriate functional gym, making them continually hunting in our forests, both north and south and the center of the Republic trying to get to hunt in packs, was losing the fight instinct each other, innate in the common core, which was the Old Cordoba Fighting Dog, and developing your instincts camper. At the same time, by continuing struggles from generation to generation with wild boar, mountain lions, foxes, mountain cats, etc., Which we have had such effects and maintain appropriate cages, we have developed in the Dog Argentinian, a very powerful instinct against our agro large predators, especially the puma and the European wild boar, peccaries and eventually the jaguar, which makes the current Argentine Dog is an instinctive hunter of those species to which search, aims and rushes with extraordinary enthusiasm and passion atavistic. Dog Argentinian Kennel r.