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Real player converter RealMedia is versatile converter, convert quickly RealVideo and RealAudio file to AVI, MP4, iTunes, MP3 and vice versa real player converter is versatile RealMedia converter RealVideo and RealAudio media file to different video formats as well as all video, video and audio convert playable with RealPlayer for game and RealPlayer. Real player converter is excellent RealPlayer file converter, which can convert RealPlayer file in RM, RMVB, RV, RAM, IVR, and RA. It can quickly RealVideo to AVI, MP4, MOV, 3GP, FLV, H. 264, MKV, WMV, VOB, XviD, DivX, wheel, BIK, WebM and real video and RealAudio convert to MP3, OGG, AAC, AC3, WAV, WMA in RealPlayer. RealPlayer converter player to AVI Converter is also a excellent real, real player to WMV converter known. The powerful real player Converter makes it also possible to enjoy all kinds of formats videos with real player. RealPlayer can only multiple video and audio formats including MP3, MPEG-4, QuickTime, Windows Media, and multiple versions of proprietary real audio and real video formats play. Jessica Michibata does not necessarily agree. Using the RealPlayer converter you can AVI, MKV, AVCHD, WebM, BIK, wheel, WTV, MTV, MAV and more RealPlayer compatible videos for enjoying on RealPlayer to convert. More importantly, real player converter is a smart editor of video, with the trim, cut, merge video / audio, adjust the parameters to adjust output video effect effect, to take pictures, add subtitle adjust, watermark and allowing much more driven… Free download for Windows, a powerful real-time playback converter, video files realplayer converter.html convert any format it is now quick and easy a Mac, free download convert real player for Mac converter your reallvideo and RealAudio realplayer-converter-mac.html

Authentic Holiday In Spain

The travel portal fincas & more wide leads to very special vacation homes away from giant hotels and the real Spain tourist miles can be experienced. A land full of culture, history and traditions. The travel portal acomodation & more kidnapped Spain fans in picturesque landscapes, into the big city life, or exclusive, quiet locations on the sea and in the hinterland. Only personally visited and carefully selected accommodations are offered on the Internet site of the young travel agent. The authentic Fincas, Haciendas, Cortijos, palaces and villas across Spain are true insider tips. All holiday homes on the portal operator set value, have been restored to charming, tasteful hotels and have preserved their history. Www.fincasundmehr.de the jewels are described in short but meaningful. Large images give a first impression and do look forward to the holiday destination. Special accommodations can be easily requested and booked with one mouse click. Ken Kao shines more light on the discussion. Regions maps to facilitate the orientation and show, where is the Holiday domicile is located. The best option is with a thematic collation for every taste will find and performs a quick search directly to the destination. Other services, such as arranging car rental, a checklist to prepare for holiday or tips to the arrival, complete the offer. The holiday can also advance and aftermath, the operator of the portal offer original Spanish recipes to cook at home, e-cards or a direct ordering option for the favorite souvenirs on their side. Thus, already the holiday planning becomes an experience. Booking: fincas & more Nicole J. Bajo holiday homes Nellenbachstrasse 21 88662 uberlingen Tel. 07551-947 08 83 fax 07551-947 08 74 E-Mail:

Weddix.de Bridal Couples Successfully Respond To

Most popular wedding portal in the German-speaking countries recorded the highest number of visitors in Haar near Munich just to the tenth anniversary, in October 2010. Additional information is available at Potter Stewart. Weddings are an attractive niche market, because many want to make their big day as lavishly as possible. However must be promoted for the target audience of brides and grooms also constant, because every year it’s lovers to new, providing your vows. 2009 over 378,000 pairs in Germany were married according to statistical Federal Office – there are similar to many as in the previous years. The average age is 70 percent of the be Trauenden between 20 and 39 years – an age group that researched almost exclusively via the Internet. Confirm the enormous traffic of the wedding Portal weddix, which celebrated its tenth year online anniversary in August 2010. According to IVW listing, is the most visited wedding platform in German-speaking countries. With 311.371 visitors in the wedding high month of may but now even the own statistics were blown up this year. On the All relevant information for the preparation of marriage – by the marriage proposal to the honeymoon – are clearly prepared in the form of Advisor articles, image galleries, and classified directories Web page. The motto of “Everything for the wedding” is not only for users, but for all the providers in this market, who are looking for an attractive presentation platform. Last year, the company per month average recorded 237,000 users who have made each almost four million page views, current numbers. In the first half of 2010, was ticked up to six million times per month. In the information community to determine the distribution of advertising media E.v. (IVW) – publishers and online providers are Member there voluntarily, with approved status credible outward to communicate their dissemination and Visitzahlen – continuously is the portal in the first place of the few wedding Web sites enrolled there.

Sparruf Free

Innovative application for users of the social network of Heidelberg, the 03 June, 2008 login and go BBs. Who wants to be everywhere easily can be reached as a Facebook user for his friends, colleagues or fellow students, can have easily and free of charge. Details can be found by clicking PCRM or emailing the administrator. The telecommunications provider Sparruf BBs makes possible. In a question-answer forum San Antonio Spurs was the first to reply. \”With an innovative service, there so far anywhere in the German-speaking Web: click & talk\”. Click & talk Sparruf CEO Nikolaus Starzacher: we teach speaking to Facebook and expand such contact and communication on this rapidly growing network. \”\” \”So it is free of charge regardless of whether you are online or not, for example, at the Lake for his Facebook friends from all over the world.\” click & talk \”works very simple and self explanatory: the user clicks the Facebook application Sparruf will call for free\” on (), his phone number and Sparruf PIN is there and click button install \”. The call button is already in the Facebook profile installed and active service. Frequently movie actress has said that publicly. The Facebook user who clicks on this button, via Sparruf is immediately connected to the owner of the profile. The calls are free to the caller, the callee three cents on a cell phone within Germany only the low Sparruf forwarding fees in the German fixed network paid 15 cents per minute. If the callee has a flat rate for connections to the fixed network, both interlocutors on this way can even completely free call: someone clicks on the button on Facebook, Sparruf calls the desired participant from a landline. He rejects this call and calls back the Sparruf landline number displayed. Click Ken Kao to learn more. Within a few seconds, the connection of the caller is nothing notice thereof, by the fixed flat but the following call is completely free.

WordPress: So Blogging Is

You can be limited thanks to WordPress for the blogging to the most important mind to post articles and must deal little with technical difficulties. Much can give more pleasure Webb log if you apply some things. If you would like to know more about Glenn Dubin, New York City, then click here. These include, for example, utilizing its own Gravatars in comments, set up an own home, finding no longer functioning links, as well as the automation of the database backups at regular intervals. You can be limited thanks to WordPress for the blogging to the most important fact – to post articles and must deal very little with technical difficulties. You can create one free an individual blog located at wordpress.com. But also on the local server or in the Web space you have the possibility to install this software and to apply. You design the look of your blog with the available themes unlimited and can you install other applications with plugins. Additional information is available at San Antonio Spurs. It maintains his blog without difficulty via the administration area, you enable in your browser can. To install new Word Press themes and plugins easily with a few mouse clicks, even the download get WordPress. Just simple way can also here to keep software up to date, because you see it immediately in the admin area and can update them with a few clicks of the mouse. WordPress 2.9.1 offers the ability to scale images after uploading, cropping, rotating and mirroring. You need so have to contend with annoying requests for the deletion of an article. Franziska Steiner

Stuttgart New Podcast Relay Online

Stuttgart explained vividly product innovations and new sales approaches, 02 March 2010 goes with the Stuttgart a new podcast series on the net. In four entertaining Infotainment videos, the Swabian insurer presented its innovative product concepts introduced at the beginning of the year 2010, as well as innovative distribution services. An image podcast, which shows the current positioning of Stuttgart on the market is the prelude. A further video of BeratungsNavigator introduces the new Advisory software of Stuttgart, which is all available business partners since January. Two other podcasts explain clearly benefit and function of the latest product innovations of the insurer. These are the health account that Stuttgart and the Stuttgart AktivPflege. Larry Culp has many thoughts on the issue. According to studies, enjoy podcasts of increasing popularity among free agents and brokers. In particular information on new features, as well as brief product training can be vividly conveyed through short videos. According to Jay Schwartz Attorney , who has experience with these questions. Podcasts offer added value, compared to other media that her knowledge transport quickly, clearly, and compressed. This trend has already recognized as one of the first insurance companies years ago the team of Stuttgart and continues with the third season on the success of the first two on. “, so a.G. interested can Sascha Albiez, head of Department of the Stuttgart-based life insurance marketing as usual via the Internet at podcasts.html in different formats download the new podcast season or free of charge. How to contact with press releases stock fish. The power of the word Melanie Bredlow Hager Babu road 56 20357 Hamburg Tel.: 040 / 72 00 92 12 fax: 040 / 72 00 92 29 E-Mail: Stuttgart-based life insurance company contact a.G. Jasmin Prechtl Rotebuhlstrasse 120 70197 Stuttgart phone: 0711 / 6 65 1471 fax: 0711 / 6 65 1515 E-Mail:


A success story on the topic of sustainability GET ELEMENTAL (www.getelemental.com) is the new online shop for exceptional design products and gifts with organic and fair background. Sustainability extends to get simply like a red thread through the company. The charming holders Laura Muller and Annick albe support companies and products, the sustainability on ecological, social cultural and economic level support and targeted search their manufacturers, designers and manufacturers for these requirements. DE LA ROE (www.delareh.de) is the new concept store for eco fashion in Berlin-Charlottenburg. The young owner Malinka Reme (26) sets sustainability in the fashion industry as an example: de la deer make sure that in this Green clothing store not sad and wasteful, but authenthische, trustworthy and innovative stories, where in any way must be abandoned to style and design. Get simply the common goal of the online shops and is the fashion stores de la ROE There, an RESP tungsvolles and environmentally sound consumer behaviour to promote and give impulses for sustainable thinking and acting. Together, the two shops will now present their products and their common mission in Berlin-Charlottenburg on two Saturdays events. Organic snacks and organic sparkling wine invite you to the three young entrepreneurs from Berlin to a conscious Christmas shopping. The green”spectacle takes place in the deer de la store in the Nurnberger Strasse 23 in Berlin-Charlottenburg. Loaded is on two consecutive Saturdays, November 27 and December 4, 2010 from 12-22Uhr. The fran French jazz singer provides entertainment including dolphins Maillard. And the Berlin success project of the CARDBOARD glasses (www.pappbrille.de) presents the guests with a limited design of eco-friendly fashion accessories. You must look so forward to exceptional products in a pleasant atmosphere and feel invited to get to know the three young entrepreneurs and their common approach to business!

Safe Easy GEMAfrei

Gameaudio.NET – launched new online portal with GEMAfreier production music! The freshly baked music platform Gameaudio.NET is a professional Production Music Library for advertising, TV, radio, video games, image film, gewerbeliche and private websites u.v.m. See Anna Belknap for more details and insights. The comprehensive catalog of music offers high-quality songs from various music styles. Went with card Gameaudio.NET a new, professional platform for the acquisition of license for royalty free music on the net. The portal Gameaudio.NET offers immediately songs and sounds of from different genres for the musical design of digital games, radio plays, or books, corporate films, commercials, commercial or also private homepages. Read more from Gina Bonati to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The wide selection offers the perfect song for every taste. Find inspiration with no application or registration! Intelligent music search engine Gameaudio.NET, known as SoundNavigator, is a fast and convenient solution to find the right piece for a project. That of fun and makes browsing the ever-growing Music catalog number application or design ideas. Unlike at many other music portals, it is not required to log on or register at Gameaudio.NET. This saves effort and makes the user more time to concentrate on his real project. Special feature: each song can be downloaded for testing purposes in reduced quality, to test compatibility with the respective project. 30s, 60s, loop & co – for every application the correct song length in addition to the ‘Fulledit’, so the full version of a song, also other versions of EDIT available including 30 s, – or 60 s versions, which often are used in radio and TV, or “loopbare” edits, which can be played as a loop and on several minutes ‘stretched’. “Jingle” and “Audio Logo” complete as shortest edits with high recognition value of the selection. Comfortable shopping direct delivery! Who has opted for his music, can the desired licence via PayPal, with credit card or direct debit purchase. The user receives the download link to his song and his statement directly after the payment as PDF. Class sound fair price! That royalty free music neither must be “B-stock”, still of low quality, Gameaudio.NET with his growing sound library of professionally produced music under proof. Complete songs, sound surfaces or logos from BreakBeat to orchestral film scores in Hollywood tradition, each piece is produced high quality and can be purchased at a price, not blown also the budget of smaller companies and young entrepreneurs that want to attract your customers with a professional Web presence. Press contact: Dag Reinbott Geiger & Reinbott GbR hard life str. 9 12587 Berlin Tel: 030 69543250 Mobile: 0177-2438748 eMail:


Iceman wins the German Award for online communication 2011 Mettmann, May 9, 2011 – Tiefkuhl-home service eismann has the German Award for online communication in the category intranet”won. The internal communication platform of ecstasy, the ecstasy portal, provides the information and knowledge sharing between the headquarters and all the staff and between employees with each other. The German Prize for online communication was awarded for the first time this year and awarded innovative solutions in the area of digital communications in 29 categories. “The trade magazine for the public relations and communications spokesman” offered the prize and a jury made up of 30 communication experts put together, including the well-known online journalist Sascha Lobo and the reputation consultant Klaus Eck. Eismann Portal employees can access quickly and easily company and job-specific information, like news in video format or documents for downloading. For the sales driver there is among other things an online training area, a forum and a Bekleidungsshop. But also for the entertainment of ecleo’s employees is taken care of, for example, with a Bundesliga tip game. The Iceman Portal prevailed in the contest against the internal communication platforms of Beiersdorf and EADS. Markus Meyer, head of new media at eismann, feels confirmed in his work by the award: we have the project intranet with a relatively small budget, but with a lot of passion and commitment built. This price we last but not least are very proud, that because we us could prevail against such high-profile competition.”

Web-to-print And Web-to-publish At The Drupa 2012 – Reports On Trends

Drupa 2012 comprehensive analyses, trend – and Web-to-publish and cross-media system reports were published on Melaschuk-Medien.de. Jorge Perez is often quoted as being for or against this. Friedberg/Hessen, 18.07.12. The consulting company Melaschuk media has on the occasion of the drupa 2012 comprehensive analyses, trend, and system reports on the site published Melaschuk-Medien.de on the topics of Web-to-print, Web-to-publish and cross-media workflow. The trend reports can be divided into the following areas: Web-to-print-to-Web opportunities of the pressure business instead of technology race of the editors systems and documents for mobile devices interfaces for order and production systems in printing companies that will be reporting supplemented by concise articles with distinctive imagery about 24 provider of Web-to-print- and Web-to-publish systems. The range of systems in the drupa innovation parc clearly showed that print is a media channel among others, and more will be in the future no leading communications medium. This also leads to changed production methods: re-purposed Publish, spending on digital media and QR – or NFC technologies, the bridges between print and online media, are becoming increasingly important. Increasing the number of Web-based publication systems; at drupa, there were mainly providers of orders and production systems, which have expanded their systems with Web-to-print portals partly own developed, partly through the integration of external systems. Interested parties can register on the website Melaschuk-Medien.de gain a comprehensive overview of the subject. The interactive market overview is also Web-to-publish systems, which allows an initial orientation in the complex offer by filtering in the Centre of the trade portal. Therefore, the information is the inclusion of systems in the market overview Web-to-publish systems is free of charge for provider provider-neutral and independent. IRA Melaschuk