‘Progress’ is a warning. Be vigilant, my friends. Recently to develop a new website design to me asked the customer. We talked to him nicely and it was found that, despite the fact that he regularly paid companies ‘promotion’, it by no means fulfill their obyazatelstv.V Yandex I found only about 220 backlinks to the site, and . The treaty was signed a year ago. I was curious, what’s the deal here. First, it became ridiculous. Then sad. My client just got divorced. Climb on the internet, looked at information about this office. Came across several articles written by deceived people. Then he went to the site. Everything seems to mean divorce bodes. But then my eyes came across an interesting banner ala ‘We are preparing for certification to iso 9001:2000 quality management’. Here in my head something pricked. Figures do not include those. Decided to check – feeling did not disappoint. The figures are quite different. iso 9000:2001. Next started laughing. In the ‘portfolio’ – the screenshots of some websites rrazmerom 170×70 without reference. Funny words “it is only 5% of our work.” I wept. Any certificates from Microsoft and so on. Picture of sad. But even the most delighted the scheme works with customers any way with me shared my client. He neschatny who come to the ‘Promotion’ gets 3 month “website promotion” for 15.000 rubles per month and if the result is not achieved, the manager offers achieve it for free for another 3 months, but the signing of acts. Naturally, to achieve the promised performance is not happening. Acts deceived people signed, from a legal point of view and everything seems to be clean:) What else interesting – a company operating in Moscow, was registered in St. Petersburg. Check out Jessica Michibata for additional information. Accordingly, in the event of a conflict must address in Saint-Petersburg Arbitration Court. The calculation is that the Muscovites, the contact will not be back and the money demand will not want to. Scheme is gay. My client – a lawyer, so all the documents he signed, and prepares documents for the court. But for those who do not want to become a victim of such scams, my advice – all carefully checked. Put in Internet can be any information. Be as careful and check everything – and divorce everywhere. Good luck:).


Here you have the internet A few steps separate you from the last phase of registration of its Web pages. Registration is complete – a site filled with content, only here no one knows about this site. Then, by the laws of the genre of promotion, you register in the various search engines, directories, etc. But the counter continues to show contempt zeros, and if the shows a couple of visits, so it's just a casual visitor who wandered to you knows how. Like all properly started Naturally, it is necessary to wait until the search engines index your site (it takes up to 3 weeks), but because in a month and two for you so no one will glance, except that a few friends at your request! Why is this happening? Because the search engines your site is not located on the first and not even on the second page of search results. To climb in search results, you need to optimize the page for a particular query, and also have a high citation index. That's about a citation index, we'll talk. Citation index (CI), or thematic index of citing (TIC) – a figure that shows how many sites refer to your website. It’s believed that Andrea Marks sees a great future in this idea. If 10 sites link to your site, it has ic = 100. In this case, tic weightier ic, as references to the sites of similar subjects. Therefore, if you have a well optimized site with a low index of citation, then the first page of the search, oh, it does not just to get To improve the ic can share links to various sites, participate in banner exchange, but it is not effective enough, and sometimes it is necessary for more and the money to pay. As a consequence, we will untwist the site your mind! Write articles. We consider that this provides. The network has many places where the article will be free with direct link to your site, while for the advertising to pay. By placing an article on a pair of popular website, by the time you may notice that she begins to unravel the network. Please visit Ken Kao if you seek more information. Many owners take their sites to fill other people's content of the article. Importantly do not forget to mention the end of the article, that article intended for free distribution to the conservation of all links of the author. Having such artless surgery, you will for a long time to provide themselves with targeted visitors, rather than random internet surfers. Then there is still one question: what to write? No Problem: write about what related to the subject of your site. At first it might seem that an article is not so easy, but it is a misconception, it is enough to overpower their fear and write at least two lines, and there the text itself fingers. The volume also become unimportant, but do not try to write too much paper – enough characters 3000-5000 (500-700 words). There remains one point, you not only increase the citation site, but also receive an additional influx of visitors who read your article. But this influx will be only quality articles. And do not forget to check before you publish your text on spelling and grammatical errors Readers are unlikely to click on your link, if there is a lot of mistakes, if any, read the article. And know the quality of the material in the text you are building your credibility, not least on the Internet! That's all, please write to health.

The Internet Connects

End of the 60s was developed in the U.S. by the Defense Department a technology that allows universities and research institutions could be implemented. The goal was a better use of computing capacity. First was the “network” is limited to America, and later still came to more universities and institutions worldwide. The first and most important application that was used with the Internet, was sending e-mails. Since the early 90s, the Internet is freely available and is used commercially. Allows the browser has been through, could be the design of graphical commands. In the early days of web design on the Internet only played a minor role. The presentation was limited to text links and the occasional pictures. This simplicity in design also made it easy for users to surf the site and to grasp intuitively. For years, sites such as which were designed by simple, but it could bring about important traffic. Even today, the search engine leader is characterized by a simple design Home page. Since the late 90s, the web design and thus have developed the professional group of web designers rapidly. If you have read about Team Penske already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The focus of good design is primarily a site’s usability. This is where the frequent conflicts between the creative agency, the clients and consumers. Not clearly identifiable links and confusing user interface pose a risk within a page that the user exits the page quickly. End of the 90 years the Internet has been discovered by the media as a new communication channel. This was the web design to a new meaning, which is hosted on television. The company website was thus a separate “channel” for the offering company. The progress of the programmers and the technique with Flash applications and high-speed Internet connections made possible a much more complicated web design. This was directed mostly at the “forefront” among the users. Each new version of a browser enabled new graphical developments of users with an old browser or restricted not only could be used. The younger generation among Internet users but is always anxious, “up to date” and to use the latest browser versions. was in the early years of commercial use under Web designers the rule: “An internet-year, three months”. Sean Rad, Los Angeles CA: the source for more info. This meant that a website has been updated quarterly on design aspects. After this cycle is not working anymore. More important than the relaunch is the fundamental relevance of the content of the website. Herein, there is also an important requirement for web designers in the design, because a website’s content is usually maintained with content management systems that also lay people who do not know any HTML coding, allows to write current text and to be on the homepage.

Web Analytics

Regardless of what is your site, whether it is a global Internet portal, a small blog, corporate design or online store, web analytics will audit the site and talk about how to get to its users and how they are interacting with the content of the project. Agree that website promotion and website promotion significantly improved when it is known exactly which links with any internet connection sites gets to you target audience. Web analytics tell you about the most popular pages on your project, as well as those that are absolutely not in demand, from which pages users have bought goods or services, or contrary – to actively acquire. In addition, web analytics will provide an answer to a question about hand column, which lead to you not just visitors and buyers of real goods and services. And this is not an exhaustive list of what can make high-quality and professional web analytics. Report of the expert web analytics, which he will provide after site audit will be guaranteed to give an opportunity to lower the cost of a buyer coming on your project and significantly increase sales with him. Speaking candidly Larry Culp told us the story. You can see why some users left the site without having made any purchases, not downloading a single price list, or even just not registering. Web Analyst tell you the elements of the site that "scare" customers, pay attention to the text content of no interest to buyers, or vice versa – Boost sales by caused them interest. On this an occasion to remember the interesting and instructive case. There was a very high-quality site of a major company that sells perfumes of various brands. In principle, the case of a company that owned the site, moved quite well – and web site promotion, website promotion and were held at a high level of these specialists that brought their results. Fragrances sold, the profits grew, but that's products of one company (incidentally, a very famous and popular in all the world mark) is absolutely not in demand. Warehouses have been literally clogged with goods of this brand, and lying motionless on the stock products – this is "dead" capital, not income generation. In this case, the expiration date of any goods sooner or later be overdue, and this is a direct loss. After some time, the company has come finally to the identified the need to attract to the problem of web analytics. From the resulting report in the stipulated time, it became clear that the page of the site, on which were arranged price lists and descriptions of goods "unsaleable" the firm while attending a user, but neither race of the value of the goods represented by it, or shopping with her practically not been performed. That did not like visitors is unknown, but solved the problem quite simple – to order an unsuccessful redesign the page, and literally as soon as the ill-fated sale of the goods moved forward. It is therefore not necessary to save funds for web analytics – in the future, your costs will be repaid in anyway.

Microsoft Search Engine – new search engine from Microsoft. I think he knows bolshinstvu as msn Search and Windows Live Search and might just Live Search. All of this grandmother and newfound baby with great potential. Digging in runet, I, as expected, found nothing good. General like me runetovskie news. All as one, similar, and did not really disclose. I myself, in principle, also did not aim to write an article on the global search engine, do not want to turn the site into manual. But I still want to share their thoughts about certain things. Bing knows how much! Search for goods in shops, working calculator and even knows the answer to the 'Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything' (The Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything), but all this while only available in America and therefore talk about this makes no sense! Our Bing is still under Beta, and when it will open fully functional – it is not known. Search Media's – the main distinguishing and weaknesses of the new search engine, because search for web pages imho, did not become better than previous versions, and therefore popular with our search engine. Currently, multimedia search engine lets you find images and video. Technologies that implemented in this search in many ways unique, and were often purchased together with firms that created them. Images to control the retrieval of images, as do the video, the searcher has a sidebar with various filters and settings. So, for example search engine is able to filter out the image size, check them for compliance with the layout, etc. The most desired and successful function, as it seemed to me, is a filter on the image or photographs, a search engine is pretty good they are distinguished. Yet another interesting feature to find photos, which show only the face, the face of the shoulders or something else that is, the creators did not say =) If you are looking for Chenoa-and-white photos – no problem, there are filters on this parameter. Video here as well a wide range of various settings and on the length of the roller and the source and even the type of screen. As a result of the search displayed no simple miniatyurkami and represent themselves nothing more than a tiny thumbnails that are beginning to play when you hover the mouse pointer on them. Generally, I already decided that the traditional search engines to give early, but when searching for images or videos can already be looking towards the rookie, because analogue of these technologies while no one.

Good Hosting Web

One of the fundamental points, time to think about the creation of a web site, is the purchase of a hosting service. To delve into the topic, must understand that a service of hosting, or web hosting, will be responsible for making our web site visible. That service, provides the owners of web sites, the possibility of using a system that makes visible each site in particular, sharing costs, according to the speed and space requested. To buy a hosting service, web site, which was previously invisible, is exposed to the world, so that all users can find it. But among such a variety of hosting services, it is not easy to find the right web hosting. Then discover the necessary requirements to find the ideal hosting service. San Antonio Spurs will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Trust trust that will provide a web hosting service, will ensure us an effective purchase of hosting. At this point, we must evaluate customer service response and ease to make payment for such service, costs and the predisposition of the company. Space space virtual you need on our website, it will depend on factors that include the determination of the type of web site. We will not require the same space if it is a personal website, if it is a company’s web and contains various email accounts, for example. Speed browsing speed is a relevant point, since it will define the user experience. It is proven, that users expect only a few seconds in the loading of a web site. If this site takes to load, users close the window and it is likely that they will not return. Transfer will be essential to buy a hosting service, having in clear, the number of visits that we estimate and the amount and size of downloads that users choose. It should be considered that to begin with a tiny web site, simply buy an accommodation of about 50 Mb, which may be increasing, to increase demand for the web site. Anyway, more power, higher will be the speed with which users to navigate. It is important, that there is a direct and daily contact with the company’s service hosting, and it dominates our language, in order to clarify all the queries that arise us and make the necessary modifications to make our web site function correctly.


Let's start with perhaps what I will tell you in brief what is OpenID. – is the largest social network in Russia and Ukraine. Every day there are registered about 50 000 users. But statistics on the specified resource is viewed more than 1.5 billion pages. Just imagine how many interested visitors can be attracted with OpenID. The main thing that we need – a quality product, naturally the demand for it, and patience (If you do self-promotion manually). So, on what you can unleash OpenID. Here are the main 5 points. Item 1. Creating the thumbnail. Its creation is nothing complicated. Problems can arise only when it promotion. What is problematic, especially in recent times. Sela Ward is likely to agree. More information about the promotion of the thumbnail. Item 2. Create appointments. For their creation, you can click the link in the left block, 'My Events' on the page in, almost at the bottom, will link the 'New Event'. Click and adjust as we need. A meeting can unwind in the same way as a group. (Source: Charlotte Hornets). Item 3. Image. Here all is simple. Find some original graffichesky file, open it in Photoshop, edit it a bit (add a link to the site we need). Load the file into your album, and begin to celebrate friends. The more friends you will note, the more you go to the site visitors. Item 4. Video files. This method is suitable for video hosting sites, portals, etc. Just as with images, load their page to video, and comments to him write a short description of your resource and link to it. According to statistics, 90% of the 100 will not change the comment and name of the video file. Item 5. Sound files. On the audio recordings may well roll out music portals. All you need to do is find a popular track, and rename it so that the first track title was a reference to your resource. And then, you must scatter it to your friends on the wall. Here, it seems, and all the basic ways of promotion in the social network Vkontakte. Good luck and good mood.


MySpace has become a place where musicians was simply indecent to keep the page (regardless of whether or not they have a separate site). This is perhaps the only place in the 'wild' web, where 'live' real Western Star: in other places, as we talked more Brad Fitzpatrick, free celebrity does not appear. Such a number of bohemians and their sympathizers could not remain without attention and our compatriots. In general, the combination of Web 2.0 services like YouTube, Flikr, MySpace and their clones gives the user an incredible multimedia experience, with which was built from any garbage site in seconds, is filled with sound, video, search, index, tags and other things. If you agree that the current site does not work (and not created) alone, and is constructed from blocks of multimedia, you should allocate a separate class of multimedia-hosting sites: video, audio and photographic (and in broadest sense – ). These services often offer a ready-made pieces of code for integration into other sites. YouTube (and behind him all sorts RuTube and other PornoTube), Google Video, msn Soapbox, MyToons, and many others are waging a war on the video market. Service Picasa Web Albums (guess whose), Flikr, Photofile,, the same LjPlus and many others offer a place for photos, as well as themselves generate a preview and html for your blog. Service like doing the same thing with music. To complete the theme of pre-blog-hosting sites, back to beloved 'Wordpress'. Like we said, this engine is com-hosting.

Article Directories

Promotion through article directories is by far one of the most effective methods. Searchers are actively struggling with the sale of options, run sites in the catalog is already inefficient, xss Yandex closed even during times, Magadan, and for the mutual exchange links in general may ban both sites involved in the exchange. But not so long ago there were article directories. Agree that the reference in the text of the article looks much more natural to present separately. Besides of the benefits it should be noted that the surrounding link text helps to climb higher in the low-frequency queries. But the article directories, there are downsides. For example, for different directories need different articles (except will be gluing, ie, ps only one article). For this reason, much to catch up on citation index would be very problematic. Solve the problem with the uniqueness of articles is not difficult – many copywriters do reproduction of articles, the Internet can easily find free sinonimayzery and programs to generate unique articles. In general, the articles directory – it is a good thing to raise the site to the top of various search demands but not to build puzomerok.

Happy Wishing

All people want things. From the baby that you want your bottle to quench their hunger, the businessman who aspires to win $ 1 billion in the next three years, the shepherd who aspires to carry their religion to the confines the Earth, the ascetic who retires to meditate in solitude to achieve union with God or his spirit, etc. We all want something. Want better things is good, wish things is inevitable. Each of the beings of the universe you want to. Until God wants. It was God’s desire that I think the universe. The desire to expands the universe and forces people to be improved, to be better. What is negative in relation to desire, is being unhappy while you are. Some people want something and instead of working to achieve it, suffer by not having it. That attitude produces unhappiness. Happiness is when you want something and decide that it is yours. If that something is yours, then you are happy, because they know that it is yours. Then when you work by materializing it into your life, you do so with joy, encouragement, with confidence. Every thing you want and bring it to act and get it, improves it you and the universe. If people are unhappy and do not get what they want is because they have not learned to be happy wishing, no know how to wish and work intelligently and easily to obtain everything what they want. When you are working smarter and want with happiness, what you want then becomes easy to each person’s life. No matter what you want to, you should only wish with joy and all materialise quickly. How to obtain this security that gives happiness? Getting that our desires are magnetic? The only way to make our what you want, fast and pleasant, it is establishing a goal. Not all the goals are the same. Many goals do not work because the procedures to secure not recorded, not printed in the subconscious mind what you want and therefore there is that feeling of having the thing. Without that sense of possession, falls into desired painfully, because do not have what you want and perhaps never have. To make a goal to produce the things that you want to of quickly must comply with certain requirements. The powerful & compelling goals presented in the book the secret of the power of goals, meet all the necessary requirements to make your subconscious mind to turn from what you want. That possession makes you feel happy, full of joy and things you want to get fast, easy and honest to your life. Irresistible targets achieved an agreement between your conscious mind and your subconscious mind. That makes your subconscious mind to alter your reality to give you everything you want. Soon you will be enjoying the life of their dreams. Anything you want is out of your reach if desired with joy and happiness. Everything you want to get quickly and effortlessly if you apply the powerful techniques exposed in the secret of the power of goals.