Healthy Cheeses

Everyone knows that cheese is very helpful. It has a lot of calcium and vitamins, it is very useful for children. Even our mothers and grandmothers say, eat cheese and you will have beautiful hair, white teeth and strong nails. But it is not always what we call "Cheese" is helpful. For more information see this site: movie star. The structure of modern curds are a lot of fillers, preservatives and dyes, which leads to their accumulation in the body, causing allergies and food otravleniya.Tak what is written on the label of any known curds: skimmed milk, whole milk, cream, sugar, water, peach, glucose-fructose syrup, stabilizer (acetylated dikrahmaladipat, dikrahmalfosfat oksipropilirovanny, gelatin, pectin, guar gum, xanthan gum, carob gum, the disaccharide trehalose-, carrageenan), milk powder, flavor – mango, melon, natural dyes – annatto, emulsifier Tween 80. We did not reflect a small pack of eating curds, bought at the store in which the natural product is almost there. Have you ever read the composition, written in a pack known curds? No! Most people do this and do not realize Most buyers do not even look at the expiration date! And if you spend a little more time to buy a cottage in which the shelf life of 72 hours to prepare from a casserole or cheese cakes or just mix in a blender with cottage cheese jam, then the home will thank you and that's a plus for your health. And if you do not want to stand at the stove, that is a recipe: one portion 200 g of cottage cheese mixed with 2 tbsp. l. fat sour cream and 1 teaspoon sugar. Sugar or honey can be replaced jam. Another of the curd can prigotovitsamy the world famous cheesecake pie. It includes low-fat cottage cheese, sugar, eggs, cream cheese and Philadelphia, for decoration can pour melted chocolate! Enjoy your meal. Source: