Charles Pena

On the contrary, the people I hired were from the same social status and were rather cheerful and kind to me. It seems strange, but this same phenomenon (social cultural), is also manifested in low- economic resources. What I have experienced in the same way. People, believe more or equal than others, have much or little economic power. This psychological aspect of believing more than someone else, I could see (for the ease with which I had and I have, musically accompanied by different artists in the song) is worth the redundancy in many artists of our environment, but the paradoxical finding (if is meant), is that the bigger the artist, more simple and humble shown. I have known musicians from an extraordinary professional, and always show, humble and simple. Instead mediocre musicians have known, believed as much. Singers needless to say. At the national level, extraordinary singers, who are nice people, and mediocre singers who believe (the last Coca-Cola in the desert) What if I was very impressed (in relation to this matter) was when accompanying the musical context of the rock “and Charles Pena, a singer international, who came to our country, back in the 80s. I am sincere in saying that I never had the opportunity to accompany international musical artists, as you may have done some colleagues, but this experience that I lived to accompany one of them was amazing and incredible. The artist in words, came to our country and stay in our capital, asked the same tour the capital, and knowledge of our bohemian nights Lima. Fortunately for me, he ended up in “Charles and Pena” and being in that place, he was invited to sing a song, which he accepted gladly. In the rest of the orchestra, came backstage and shared exchange of ideas with the musicians at a time but that moment was enough to show all his simplicity and humility, it seemed he was talking with a friend in my neighborhood, was quite impressive . The artist was none other than Dyango. This same behavior, then I heard some colleagues (if they had opportunity to accompany international artists) is expressed in Raphael. The simplicity and humility (it is known to everyone) for more great people, they already are. It is reasonable to expect that certain artists, who are besieged by fans, they can look like “on”, perhaps because of the harassment, this defect can sin, but there are large sense, that can control this situation and always tread the ground and realize they are just ordinary people. And all this, I get a question: “Candidates for the presidency of the republic, will behave this way?” Not me! .