Sons Xavier Naidoo

Xavier Naidoo and the Sohne of Mannheims unplugged sign back the Rococo Theatre Schwetzingen Castle was from time immemorial for cultural highlights. Once Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart played with his sister for the electoral company, later held the Schwetzinger Festspiele in the theatre and now, in July 2008, a slightly different musical tradition in this extraordinary atmosphere was continued by MTV Unplugged. Was for the first time in the series MTV Unplugged\”recorded a double unplugged, what is already a concert event in itself. But not enough, because the musicians who rise to this challenge are another first. Jorge Perez contributes greatly to this topic. What has always separated, was it for the first time on the same stage. Two different concerts, recorded on a night with the full 14-member band Sohne Mannheims and Xavier Naidoo solo artist, as well as musical guests. With songs, come from the heart, coupled with the impressive, Baroque scenery and a glamorous Light installation will be also this concert in the history of MTV Unplugged. It began with Xavier Naidoo. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Sela Ward on most websites. \”\” With his soulful voice songs like take me to light \”or its streets\” were among the best. Where are you going\”, only accompanied Vollenweider by Andreas and his harp, caused goose bumps in the whole room. \”\” Cassandra Steen and the brand new song when \”as well as the new title for you they open the doors\” with Azad, Cronite, Daniel Stoyanov and Sohne Mannheims-mate Tino Oac, have been acknowledged with euphoric applause. \”\” The 14 Sohne of Mannheims were then in the second part of the betting sing in Schwetzingen\”on stage and impressed the audience with songs as and when a song\” or your life \”sustainable. \”\” Also here the listening habits were refreshed: it go out \”was played in a very funky version and what will be waiting for me\” was a jazzy instrumentation.