Ridley Scott Associates

Philips and RSA launch international film competition Tell It Your Way Philips searches for the major directing talent and has called for an international competition in life. Anna Belknap will not settle for partial explanations. Enthusiastic filmmakers and newcomers are called upon to make a short film. Which movie as the best will be awarded, one of the world’s most famous film directors, Sir Ridley Scott, decides the already blockbusters such as alien (1979), Blade Runner (1982) and Gladiator (2000) has realized. “The winners Tell It your way” is New York, London and Hong Kong to be a week to guest in one of the production offices of Ridley Scott Associates (RSA) in Los Angeles, to gain valuable experience. According to the Philips film project parallel lines, which consists of five short films, a sixth film to rotate, which refers to the overall theme. Parallel lines has been implemented by the following RSA Directors: Greg Fay, Johnny Hardstaff, Carl Erik Rinsch, Jake Scott, and Hi-SIM, who have chosen different genres for their projects. The same dialog combines all but. All five movies can be viewed on the Philips website. The parallel lines films emphasize the cinematic possibilities of Philips TVs – unique Ambilight technology, the award-winning image quality and the extremely clear sound. I am very careful with Philips to realize this project and am very excited about how the participants will use the famous dialogue in the sixth film “, as Sir Ridley Scott.” At Philips, we want to bring the cinematic experience home. Through the partnership with RSA, we offer the chance to make his own movie every interested and worldwide as a part of the parallel lines project to present “, Gary adds smoking, Vice President and head of integrated communications at Philips. The competition is open to everyone.

Hamburg Classical

The Libri.de Internet GmbH has scheduled the new Internet shop for classical music radio live Hamburg made June 23, 2009: the Libri.de Internet GmbH has scheduled radio live the new Internet shop for classical music and takes over is now available as a service provider the complete execution of the books and media orders from end customers via klassikradio.de. We are very happy, that we could classic convince radio, the nationwide premium channels from our range of services and win new clients for our services business.”says Managing Director by Dalheimer Libri.de. Real-estate developer shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. For Sabine Reinhard, CEO of classical radio, the new range represents a significant expansion in the direct business: with the new shop and its variety, we position ourselves more as a premium brand for music, books, audio book and DVDs. The quality of the brand classical radio directly on the shopping experience was transmitted.” The range of the new Internet shop from classical radio includes both all classical radio productions as also classic radio recommendations from the comprehensive Libri.de catalog. So visitors see radio now in addition to the tickets for the concert tours by classical music live in concert”nearly 3 million CDs, books, audiobooks, and DVDs. Here, customers have the choice to either promptly products home send by mail or to download titles for download immediately. Libri.de operates the complete processing of books and media business on the Internet as a service partner. Shop solution of Libri.de classic can complement its own product portfolio targeted and easily radio for target group-related title. In addition to the shop Libri.de takes over as the logistics shipping and the processing of the returns of the goods from classical radio and the additional Libri.de article, such as the payment processing and customer service. Via Libri.de: Libri.de is one of the leading media distributor in Germany, over customers in the Internet almost 3 million physical and digital media articles of the ranges German books, foreign language Offers books, audio CDs, MP3 audio books, electronic books (eBooks), movies and music. In addition to the delivery by mail customers can send the title overnight for pickup at one of more than 1,300 bookstores or get it via download. In addition to the Libri.de Internet GmbH including Internet shop operation, logistics, payment processing, and customer service operates trading media on the Internet throughout Germany for 1,000 stationary bookseller Mayersche Weiland, Buchhabel, Heymann, Spiegel Verlag, Otto.de, Grafe and Unzer Verlag, Merian and others. Libri.de with is active in the Switzerland. About classical radio: the transmitter offers a unique program of relaxing classical music, great film music, new classics and classic lounge and half-hourly economic, cultural and international news. The program is 38 FM frequencies in Germany and Austria, as well as on cable, satellite and Internet. Nationwide, the national decision er medium reached 1.

ARD Turns Veterinarian Dr. Mertens At The Bio-Hotel Helvetia

Saxon Switzerland is as always popular Schmilka, June 2010: again, the Elbe sandstone mountains is scene of a television production. The ARD Schmilka turning scenes for the fourth season of the series veterinarian Dr. Mertens ‘. ” Location is the bio – and National Park Hotel Helvetia in the Elbe river basin. Here, a 23-member film crew late June to early July hitting their camp and turns scenes for the popular series in the evening program of the public TV broadcaster. The panorama restaurant serve as backdrop, flotsam and Jetsam”, as well as the idyllic garden of the Elbe with the Schramm rocks in the background. The selection of the locations in the Elbe sandstone mountains took place in the spring. Connect with other leaders such as The Author here. Spontaneously the producers of one day with us at the hotel looked around themselves and were quickly convinced that they have found the right place now after a long search”, Sven-Erik Hitzer, the owner of Helvetia, the decision of the film team is pleased. The crew of Elisabeth Lanz alias Dr. Susanne Mertens and Sven Martinek alias Dr. Christoph Lentz is in the bio-hotel of course with high-quality organic food cared for. Every morning there will be a balanced bio breakfast, which can be fit to start the team in the day of the shooting “, promises to radiator. And for the breaks, our therapist for relaxing massages is available. “The Saxon Switzerland becomes increasingly the location of famous movies and series. Also the RTL production Lasko the fist of God “was recently on the Konigstein fortress and on the Bastei shot. Veterinarian Dr. Mertens ‘has over six million viewers one of the most popular series on TV. The broadcast is scheduled for 2011.

NewcomerRadio Germany

\”Bands and fans go into the Internet radio on the air, first NewcomerRadio lets bands and there fans over broadcast Internet radio, radio stations for newcomers and the NewcomerRadio of Germany\”. The interactive promotion and involvement of bands and fans is the most important basis for newcomer bands that already difficult have it on the market. Newcomer bands on today’s music marketplace have not the resources, the support or not the necessary promotion, due to the mainstream music market flooded. \”Bands and artists must walk even a stony path is one of\” to be and to make their way into the radio and media landscape. You may want to visit Jay A Schwartz to increase your knowledge. Innovative bands such as StaatsPunkRott \”from Wurzburg, one night stand\”from feet/Bavaria or L.A.soon\”from Berlin already thinking a step ahead in 2010 and host your own radio show at NewcomerRadio Germany\” in the project 2010 bands & fans. Send titled according to \”design for the punk rock band Staatspunkrott\” but welcome from Wurzburg, every first Tuesday of the month from 20.00 22.00, an interactive radio program for your fans and other friendly newcomer bands. The band L.A.soon presents itself every first Tuesday of the month from 22.00 12: 00 with your own music and around the topic of Softrock \”.\” The still very young Band One Night stand \”feet/Bavaria much to last but not least made aware, in recent months through the tireless work of 10 to 12 hours in the Internet, the two main actors Patrick and Danny.\” So you and I made a band with their new song \”Finally in the top rotation of NewcomerRadio Germany. Every second Tuesday of the month from 22.00 tell 00: 00 your fans and the world about your music that you actively campaigning for animal welfare. More than 500 applications for the project 2010 bands & fans are going on show\”reached the editorial staff of NewcomerRadio Germany.