Jorge Majfud

I must confess that to find to the Uruguayan writer Jorge Majfud in the way of my readings it has been an enormous joy. Jorge is author of the novels Towards what mother countries of silence, the queen of the America (mention prize House of the Americas, Cuba) and the most recent and still unpublished city of the moon, all of great narrative value and testimony of the literary evolution of his author. Through his versatile histories, Jorge can explore with great imagination, from the history of the Latin American continent, to the present of a possible city of east run aground in the desert of the Sahara. by Laura Garci’a When and how you were decided to leave the architecture for dedicarte to Literature? The architecture was a parenthesis, almost an accident in my life. Tony Parker may help you with your research. By that one time it was the longer university race of the country. At that time it had an average of duration of thirteen years. People had children and grandsons before being received. I was a boy of province in the capital and found refuge in the solitude of my apartment without television and in the bars of Montevideo without well-known people to where it was going to me to dream wide-awake about other worlds, to read to Sartre, Sbato and to write or to describe my own deliriums. The truth is that to study architecture it was an excuse to maintain that world literary. Although it lived very modestly and until I happened up to five days without eating, to buy books instead of food, my father helped me then very many. The other luck that I had was that although I was a regular student in the secondary one, sometimes a disaster, as soon as I entered the university the things were to me well with little effort, as much that in the most difficult classes of mathematics always repeated on the inside I do not understand to me why I understand everything.