Max Bryan

The creators of the show had apparently less interested in his talent as a rather on the dismantling of his life story. Why not work though and is the beard not cut”, in 5 interviews previously (before the stage play) is not an issue that all, only now, where Bryan viewers should sing before 1400, such questions! The organizer has framed him, like many other candidates before him also. In short: the makers of Super Talent wanted Bryan as laughing and when that didn’t work, they have kicked him out or not even aired his recordings. “” Quote Astrid F. (Grundy casting): the fate of a homeless man was not entertaining enough and this is an entertainment show now “and that maybe he should go TV to mirror”. With this statement the makers had transferred the show more or less even himself. It was striking proof that they only invited Bryan to ridicule him, hoping he would be a through ball for an exposure or just a laughing stock, questions in his answers on Bohlen anything funny, and when it went wrong, not delivered Bryan, what they wanted, he stood instead as above, dissolved in tears with his sleeping mat and the recordings were not the sleeping bag in his hand,”because no one wanted to see real suffering of which. More wallpapers here too: A thoughtful making story about hope, dream and disappointment. It is the life of Max Bryan, that could hardly be more complex and the makers had hardly scruples, which to use – for others – of course. Max Bryan lives today on the road. In the winter he would be almost frozen and RTL and Grundy (Executive producer) that had nobody cares about. It is the duplicity of these formats that make believe sympathy and loyalty of fate, but in truth give a damn about the fate of other people. The story of Max Bryan has proven impressively that transmitter and producer the nature serve only themselves, that capital and profit are simply the most important and everything else – including the life of the candidates – are more value not worth a penny, when it comes to protecting their own interests. See also accusations of bullying and video message (v. 15 casting review / update 22.04.): note.php? note_id = 186552418057711 Max had a dream. I did so because I believed in something, my chance, truth and sincerity and what I found were lies, hypocrisy and jealousy. “, it says in the accompanying text to his video message that has turned Max Bryan with a small borrowed camera and then into the net. “Is he referred to Chief Judge Dieter Bohlen as reader and puppet of script writer”, as someone who was neither size nor morality and to sell to the highest bidder “. The video was recorded months ago and now has left it all behind Bryan, has redeemed his promise, themselves free and great plans for the future. He wants to give himself announced that look like. – Happy Easter – Project Office Cologne Beverly Hoffmann people/happy Easter the history of max-bryan-93557