Fernanda Amaro

To my sister Fernanda Amaro Da Silva, for advising to me, to always support and to be present in the difficult hours. To my father Jaredis Amaro Da Silva, mine stepmother Mrcia Carmo Da Silva and my sisters Damaris Amaro Da Silva and Jacqueline Carmo Da Silva, for the success votes, that exactly distant had arrived until me. To all my given uncles, aunts, cousins and cousins for the affection and attention me. To my orienting professor Andres Luiz Young chicken, for all granted friendship, interest, attention and devotion me, mainly in this last stage of my graduation. To all the educators who I had during the four years of my graduation, that had granted the base to me for the accomplishment of this work, mainly the educator Luiza Luciana Salvi, for the transmitted knowledge and the given advice. To my colleagues of Gabrielli graduation Pear tree, Agnes Days, Aline Cristina, Camila Alves and Raphael Oliveira, for the company, the attention, the quatros years of mutual entertainment and learnings, without them he would not obtain to arrive until the end. To the friends who I knew in the academic life, Cristovo Enrique, Juliana Dos Santos and Patrcia Milani, debtor for the moments of happiness. To my friend Helium Enrique S. of the Angels, for the company, the patience in my difficult hours, for the affection and incentive, the total support given me throughout our friendship and for cheering to my days and the friend Eduardo Queiroz, for the good and pleasant moments. To my friends, Anderson of the Birth, Marcelo Butske, Fernando Aguiar and Douglas Aguiar, who exactly distant had longed for the success of my academic trajectory. Ademais, I am thankful all that direct or had indirectly collaborated for the construction of this monographic work, in special to the population of Jaragu of the South that if made use to answer my questionnaire voluntarily. .