President Dictator

Kadafi made the harvest Antonio Padilha de Carvalho The sowing is facultative, but the harvest is obligator, obligatory, equnime, invariable. Captured alive for combatants of its Nation, without action, the old dictator, now old gentleman, dirty, fedido, sweating, moving, unhairing, cries out: ' ' They do not go off! ' ' Died in Sirta, its native, recognized city world-wide for making in such a way badly, the former-king, former-emperor, former-colonel, former-dictator, former-god, former-everything, finishes in the ditch, entrenched for former-allies who esfomeados for oil, being able, forget the diplomacy, is defenders of the pseudo-democracy, and it cries out: ' ' They do not go off! ' ' In the dust, in the dirt, the mouth-of-wolf of its Lybian cradle, the implacable dictator, of arregalados eyes, already dominated, projects for the world the last match of the life, way sonmbulo, half choroso, to moan with weak noise, nor flat nor sustenido, kicks, collisions, attacks by teen street gang, shouts and sacolejos to inquire: it saw, came where you to stop? it, almost without voice: ' ' They do not go off! ' ' In these almost 42 years of being able, of glory, fame, anxieties that pungem mrbidas attitudes of State, of slaughter of rebels, of I gush out of blood of innocents, of the vile game of inconsequential dictator, thousand of seeds had been launched, the sowing was accomplished. Now that it was knocked down, mumbles: ' ' They do not go off! ' ' Left-hand side effluvia and fatal disequilibria of the proper brothers, stimulated for the Organization of Treated to the North Atlantic (NATO), for the powerful flags, had determined heard moucos to the possible apelos; To keep living creature an agent of the death pra that? At last, Muamar harvests what always it planted, never heard, never negotiated, it never dialogued and the people went off. Instead of field-saint, legal medical institute; Instead of virgin land and morna, refrigerator and exposition for many photographs. Muamar, finished entering in a cold! Antonio Padilha de Carvalho, practicing attorney; after graduated the areas of the Right of the State; Education and Philosophy; Academic of Geografia/UFMT; President of the IMPDrog- Institute Weed de Preveno to the Drugs.

Strawberry Fields Forever

John Winston Ono Lennon was born in Liverpool, 9 of October of 1940 and faleceu in New Iorque, in 8 of December of 1980. He was musician, composer and writer. Moreover, he was the founder of one of the biggest bands of world-wide the musical scene: The Beatles. For many, the disconnection of John to the group was related to its marriage with the plastic artist Japanese Yoko Ono, having had this been white of offences of diverse fans driven crazy with the exit of the integrant one for diverse times. John knew Yoko in 1966 and two years later &#039 launched the experimental album; ' Unfinished Music In the .1: Two Virgins' ' , that it caused great controversy with its layer: the naked couple of front and coasts. It was the beginning of a great in such a way professional partnership as in the loving field. In the end of 69, the singer confirms its exit in the band. Soon after this, launched some experimental albums, called ' ' Life With Lions' ' , ' ' Wedding Album' ' , compact ' ' Cold Turkey' ' to the living creature ' ' Live Peace in Toronto' ' , this last one with the participation of Eric Clapton. Already the first one alone record of name ' ' John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band' ' he is launched in the 1970 end, I contend partnerships with Ringo Starr, Yoko Ono and Klaus Voormann. The couple John and Yoko had also been known by having if involved in some causes of promotion to the peace and equal rights. In 1975, Lennon decides to move away itself from its musical career to take care of of its Sean son Taro Ono Lennon and returns to the career with ' ' Double Fantasy' ' , in November of 1980. In December of the same year, the walked one of this icon is interrupted with its murder in New York, while it came back of a studio with Yoko. John, together with Paul McCartney, was responsible for the composition of diverse musics as ' ' Help! ' ' , ' ' Strawberry Fields Forever' ' , ' ' All You Need Is Love' ' , ' ' Revolution' ' , ' ' Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds' ' , ' ' It eats Together' ' , among others. Without hesitation George Laughlin explained all about the problem. Already in its alone career, hits of success composed others, as ' ' Imagine' ' , ' ' Instant Karma! ' ' ' ' Woman' '. The British, considered 5 better singer of all the times for Rolling Stones, left diverse musics of success. If to be curious to know more regarding this icon, you can have access to the site and see varied letters of musics, also the incredible letters of musics of the John Lennon.

Alimentary Concern

Nowadays we hear to say each time in having care with feeding more, either for the increasing tax of obesidade a little for all the Europe, formation and sensitization shares have been taken the handle in order to fight the bad alimentary habits. Normally one takes the blame in lower court the restaurants of fast-food, then of followed the remaining plastic food that each one of us can acquire in the supermarket. But the truth is that the problem goes beyond the little healthful food ingestion, when argues the problem of the obesidade, we have necessary mind of speaking of the life style that we lead. Thus if we feed in them badly, we possess a sedentary work, we do not make physical exercise, we live a stressada life and we do not sleep the recommended hours of sleep, all these factors influence for the degradation of our body and welfare psychological. Get more background information with materials from Charlotte Hornets. Instead of centering in them only in the problems of not healthful the nourishing industries we must infuse soon since in each child the importance of exercise physicist and good habits of life. Exactly when it desires to go supper it are each time more exists a care in keeping healthful menus and same the Portuguese kitchen is recognized for a diversity of foods and ingredients and forms to cook, as cooked and grilled. For such it is enough to give a sight of eyes in the restaurants where it desires and to analyze the menu. It uses to advantage to be something pleasant and relaxed it does not eat to pressas, in such a way its body it will go to process the food best and it will have the sensation of satisfied, instead of eating very fast, and soon eating too much finishing for only finishing when already to feel itself full. One is about a small detail that will certainly go to make the difference. The care with foods must be efectuados whenever it eats, in house opts to portions of all the elements of the wheel of foods, and when it is it are of house, it is fed in restaurants with healthful choices, will be able to use to advantage the type of kitchens all, since in Portugal, nowadays restaurants specialized in eastern food exist, of fusing, Indiana, etc, all with delicious and good plates for the health. It will be able to inquire the relative information to each restaurant in the Internet, since they meet diponibilizadas and even though online is possible to reserve table.


It makes time that the television passed important information, educative. It makes time that the Brazilian television passed diversion, entreterimento. Nowadays what we see, it is almost bare scenes of sex, words xulas, women and that is had as mood, as diversion, as education, and, in the truth, all this palhaada, does not pass of cultural alienation. The BBB is an excellent example of this. Every year, accurately two times per year, one have left of Brazil, lose its precious time, to see which are the participants of this circus and which will be the viewers of ceninhas ridicule of explicit sex; Brazil for pra to see which will be the women of empty mind who go to show magnificent bodies, inversely proportional to its capacities of reasoning and promiscuous men. The BBB is not one reality show to gain a prize millionaire, the BBB does not pass of a sales program bodies, does not pass of a useless program, that does not serve for nothing. It is a spectacle of fofocas, you intrigue, frivolidades and several commentaries of the other people’s life, commentaries of the life of free and empty people. these are considered the heroes. would be sufficiently interesting to inquire who is the true heroes; if they are playboys delayed and its bonequinhas of empty mind or the Brazilians who survive with minimum wage, that 44 weekly hours work, that face enchetes, transit, lack of food, etc. Who is the true heroes? The incredible one is as the media obtains to manipulate sectors politicians, economic and social and us citizens, turns the silly ones the cut, who we laugh and we applaud this great nastiness of the Brazilian television. It is concluded, that the more if it spreads out the ignorance and the aculturao, greater will be the distanciamento of effective social and civic values. This program is the death of the culture, the ethics, the dignity and of the shame, it is necessity to stand out, that, shame and dignity, Brazil, lost makes time. It is a corrosive garbage without recycling possibility that penetrates in the popular way and forms the worse type of opinion: the opinion partial, distant tendenciosa and of any vestige of reasoning and intelligence.