The Limitations

And when I undertook my excursions into the infinite worlds of the unconscious, I had these words only in the approaches to understand often very large problems, sometimes I don’t even reminded me. Especially if I my itinerary bolder grew wise advanced and from unconsciousness, loss and maybe even unconsciousness, I knew anything more from the words that adorn in my home or in our country so great and so open about everything existent. From the words themselves, as well as by the deeper meaning, I was light years in my perception”removed as equally close as TV. I could not even remember my true home. I had temporarily easily identified me with the limitations of my perception and toggled the flexibility of my consciousness thus a. “” A function, which we all “as the phenomenon of oblivion” know and I therefore also not really should mention it, if I could not use this as an introduction to the actual story. The story saying, which one of those countless existing individuals describes a fictitious journey into the landscape of unconsciousness, which we call people and which again you from the pain of oblivion and then by the joy of remembering is accompanied, entsagend only the awareness, of her removing to himself again to tend to her, to approach. So self and collective awareness to the delight, just with different words said to occupy a workshop in temporary amnesia. We are short and hopefully understandable said so, beings from the land of freedom and love, who decide to make a trip to the Menschenkleide in the Menschenleibe to visit the world of duality and apparent contradictions. And this not-to-last but not least, to us in this way, this way, the unit, to be conscious of as unsorted awareness. In this sense, I can so say, although I never really left this magnificent and heavenly place: I was not here, at least not consciously and actually it still not so long is that I here was still on the Bewusstwerdungs road.

Our Body – Complex Organ Of Perception Of Our Consciousness

Our body is a perfect instrument for divine experience in human consciousness. We focus mostly on the efficiency, effectiveness, the age, the beauty or ugliness of Korpers so-called. Enjoy and not enrich us, what would be really much more useful to its original functionality. The body has the ability to perceive very complex, to experience, to learn, to meet, to feel and to broaden our experience and thus our consciousness with and about the love. To ensure this,”We the body thus than that see, what he is as a sum of its comprehensive capabilities: perception organ of our higher, divine being; a highly talented assemblage of physischen and spiritual sense organs, which seen is a perceptual unity of our consciousness as a whole. As they recognized and appreciated, it follows, that a Review of functioning or effectiveness of thereof is irrelevant. Since the Wahrnehmung as such not with human categorizing scales to measure, and because one or information is tantamount to mapping an impression of always also a turbidity of its originality and thus a Verfalschung her immediately existing awareness and their knowledge, it is desirable, any bewertung thereof outside before to remind us of their inviolability. And this is just so important, because the experience of perception as such transportiert Yes always also basically valuable cargo. Perception is simply what it is: a combination of perceiving with the perceived, and it is as solches always absolutely and completely. Perception is therefore not objectively assessable or to classify and measure. “Our subjective rating, that is for example the assertion: A Wahrnehmender it can be good or bad, much or little perceive.” the very komplexen process does not do justice determines. Other attempts to classify Wahrnehmung or classify are oppositional principle the whole opposite and only lead to a devaluation of the divine process. The vote as such also reduces our ability to consciously on the perceptual phenomenon to take part. Everything, what holds us back from the immediate merger of Wahrnehmenden it with the perceived, corresponds to an avoidance of original experience and whose information delivery. This bedeutet also that our bodies, no matter as he looks, what for a beSchaffenheit he has, in other words, no matter how beautiful or hassLich, even regardless of how intelligent or primitive it is that he has an inner psychische or physical disability, yet has all the requirements to the Wahrnehmung, and anything and everything, he takes it, is also perfect. What allows us the inference that Constitution their particular Sinnhaftigkeit is also our perception in a so-called disease. Every body is unique and individuell, and therefore also the it Wahrgenommene it is necessarily idiosyncratic and invaluable as a result, precious and absolut einmalig. And therein lies the special and valuable of our physical body and his perception of the whole, for the collective consciousness. From a human, to evaluate an animal, a creature in itself, after his appearance us so the awareness, that a physical existence is, what an untouchable, unique perception of the divine and its mannigfaltigen design has. We therefore dissociate ourselves from our pure experience of perceiving and of fusion with space and time, if we live in the rating and us not on the adventure can leave a, give to us all right now and his Innewohnenden held Offenbarung. The resulting also, that we need to change something from the perceptual nor what is approved it. That there is no need for direct influence and that we at the moment nothing really perfektionieren, remove anything or add anything or modifizieren must. That just about a perfect body is good, as it is, and just at that moment at the moment of perfect perception exists.