Installing Suspended Ceilings

Stretch ceiling is made of heavy-duty vinyl film, it can implement any design ceiling: bending, multi-level transitions, arcs and waves. A wide selection of colors and textures make it possible to create original design space. Mounting tension ceiling starts with a drawing on which the factory made fabric roof, which is welded around the perimeter of PVC plate for mounting to a baguette. Installation stretch ceiling produce usually two installer. Jorge Perez: the source for more info. At the same ceilings are lower by 4-5 cm, base ceiling racks are fixed to the installation of fixtures. The finished fabric stretched ceiling is fixed in the fixing molding throughout perimeter. After heating the fabric using a heat gun it becomes elastic, allowing it to tighten and lock with special tools. Installing suspended ceilings can be made within 1 – 5 days. Lifetime lifetime suspended ceilings, durability, moisture resistance, aesthetics and relatively low price make the ceilings PVC indisputably better than all the rest. Stretch ceilings can have very different design: the effect of "starry sky" effect of the wave, blue sky with clouds, the crater of the volcano. This can be arch, cone, tent, apply photo prints, art paintings. The most popular image that mimics sky. Price much higher than standard ceilings.

Heat In The House

Country house – the dream of every citizen, and Equipped country mansion and the more. Most of us are accustomed to living in a mode of urban comfort. But is it possible to consider the situation rest, if the apartment is cold, the time from time to time through and no hot water. It certainly does not rest, and survival, extreme sports, the battle with nature and yourself and the complete lack of comfort. Care should be taken on the heating system, which is provided with natural and forced circulation. One-pipe heating system is a country house (natural circulation). Oriented to small areas. The water is heated, rises up through the pipeline, and cools, it becomes heavy and moves down. The advantages of single-pipe heating system: complete independence from the electricity. Disadvantages: you should install larger pipe sizes, the sizes of series-connected heaters also should be increased, but also takes much longer to warm up the room. Heating house with forced circulation. Such a system allows the warm home of various sizes. Water in motion for by the circulation pumps, which can be installed in the heating system a few. To heat a nice country house, of course, better to install the heating system. Erecting a heating system in cottage in the country, you decide at once all the difficulties. Putting reliable boiler (no matter what it is: gas, gas-diesel, diesel, solid fuel), you will immediately solve the problem of finding in their home. Boiler obogreet home and prepare the water. Autonomous heating system is the newest home has several advantages. First of all, you do not depend on the central heating system and can activate the boiler as soon as you feel cold, for example, in September, and stop it when it's already warm enough, for example, in April (as opposed to the central heating system, which is always run from October to May, despite the temperature). Second, heating system in a suburban housing may design a way to set different temperatures in different rooms, to provide weather-automatics, to provide a minimum temperature (eg 10 degrees C) at the time of your nonresidency in a house in the cold season. Third, with the boiler heating system can heat up a lot of water. Summarizing, we can say that the possibilities of the modern individual system heating are limitless, and the owner of a cottage in the country decides what he takes to his family members to feel comfortable in it.

Energyefficient Windows

Energy-saving plastic windows at the moment the problem of saving the world situation is very serious. Therefore, manufacturers of plastic windows solve the problem of keeping warm by using energy-saving glass in conjunction with the installation of the warmer system profiles. What is it – the energy-efficient windows? Heat radiate all heated bodies, and conventional glass can not hold radiation coming out of the room to the street. However, application of low-E glass on the surface of optical coating leads to the fact that infrared radiation reflected from the surface back into the room. Thus, achieved a significant effect of energy saving. The quality of energy-saving glass depends on what kind of coating is applied to its surface. Recent developments in thin-film coatings having low value of emission factor to reflect back into space more than 90% of thermal energy leaving through the window. Today in the mass production of two types of energy out of glasses with a hard surface – and K-glass with "Padded – I-Glass. The coefficient of energy I-glass is 1.5 times the rate of energy saving to the glass. The difference between these two types of glasses are in the coefficient of emissivity, and and manufacturing methods. I-glass is a three-layer structure of alternating layers of silver and is produced by vacuum deposition. However, the hardness of the coating I-glasses as compared to coated glass – Less, and it delivers some inconvenience in transportation I-glasses and glass assembly, but the client receiving windows, this does not feel uncomfortable, because I-glass is located inside the glass and not subject to mechanical stress. In some cases, the use of I-glass eliminates the double-glass, thereby greatly facilitated the entire window design and reduces the load on window accessories. In the race for energy conservation as part of profile systems. In the first positions on energy efficiency using new materials system serves GENEO window profiles from the world famous concern REHAU. Profile system GENEO – a revolutionary solution, which already makes it possible to make a jump in time and meet market demand, future-oriented. At the heart of invention – innovation fiberoptic material RAU FIPRO, which is characterized by record-breaking strength and resistance to stress. For many years he was actively used in aircraft structures and Formula 1 racing cars – fields extreme loads and at particular risk – and well-proven. In the arsenal of GENEO – 6-chamber structure of the profile, the system depth of 86 mm and a central seal. The lack of steel reinforcement saves the system from potential "cold bridges" – a source of heat loss in the traditional window units. The lightweight design is 40% GENEO absolutely not inferior to existing systems in the strength characteristics. The unique material RAU FIPRO and technical know-how REHAU provides the necessary rigidity and structure to help get a variety of shapes and sizes of windows. The ability to use future technology today provides the best savings future. With the constant growth of prices for energy energy-efficient windows – an investment in the future, which will give their devidendy throughout the life of your home!

Heated Balconies

In our harsh winters absolutely necessary additional heating balcony. This can be done with the floor heating device, or the installation of safety heaters. As a rule, good insulation, glazing of balconies and heating together will cost you from $ 300. The need for decorating the windows in the main depends on the location of the balcony. First-or second floor of the south side – you just can not do without protection from the sun and prying eyes. Jorge Perez often addresses the matter in his writings. AND Here, a warm, radiant with new windows, balcony in front of you in all its glory, a separate room with natural light and fresh air. Now you can get with ease. Study. The people working at home, will appreciate this opportunity to appreciated! Computer desk and fit even on the smallest balcony. Lighting is better to make both general and highly directional. On windows blinds will look well, though, it all depends on the taste of the master study. Workshop. Yes, many people engage in creative activities at home. It could be painting, sewing, batik, sculpture made of plastic – in general, the exclusive things with their hands. Workshop equipment depends on the type of work. As a rule, will need a table and a cupboard for supplies and equipment. If necessary, you can set the camping gas and a cooler with water. Curtains and blinds on the windows completely optional, of course, if you do not live on the ground floor. Natural lighting – that's the main advantage of the balcony-shop. However, light is needed not only to artists. Flowers, too, will appreciate the daylight. Your green friends decorate and ennoble any balcony, the main thing – to take care of watering and humidity. Place a chair and enjoy the lush tropical greenery. Or maybe you're a practical man? Then arrange on the balcony of a greenhouse. With proper selection of varieties and proper care you will be able to feast all year round greens, tomatoes, peppers, beans and cucumbers from his "garden." To anything beyond vegetables – you can grow some varieties of strawberries, blackberries, and even currants! If you are actively engaged in sports, on a balcony can be equipped with an unparalleled fitness.

Special Paint

Fluorescent paint made with bright, pure colors. But they have very low light resistance and chemical resistance. Metallic inks may be pasty or liquid. Paste colors are available ready to use, while two-component liquid paints are available (pasta, plus a binder and solvent) and must be mixed immediately prior to printing. In a flat offset printing is very difficult to achieve good balance of water paint by using metallic inks of the large size of the pigment. These paints are easily erased, if they applied lacquer to prevent abrasion, reduced metallic luster. Metallic paints can also print gravure printing, but the image appears with ragged edges. There is a general recommendation for metallic and fluorescent inks – printing on coated paper, if not reduce the absorption of their luster. Applying paint layer larger than usual increase the perception of colors. They can also be mixed with conventional offset inks for improved print properties. Paint applied with a long time. Modern paints are complex chemical substances. Car paints are composed of three materials: pigments, binder and solvent. Pigment Pigment – a substance that gives color paint and perform some other function, for example, slows down the corrosion. In the colors of the "metallic" color is especially important, as will be discussed further. This binder material is a carrier pigment and helps it to consolidate the painted surface. It also forms a protective glossy film on top of the pigment after drying. Solvent solvent gives the paint flow, corresponding purposes of its application. It is made on the basis of volatile compounds. The solvent evaporates constantly (as in painting, and after it), leaving the surface of the pigment and binder that form paint cover. The different types of paint suited various solvents. The paint must be diluted with an appropriate solvent, and only to the desired strength. Car paints not so long ago the choice was limited to only two types of color: nitrocellulose lacquer (also known as cellulose paint) and synthetic enamel.

Metal Doors

Without a good quality lock and any door – even made the most modern and expensive materials, will not perform its main mission – to protect the premises from unauthorized entry. Therefore, the choice locks should be taken seriously and responsibly. But unfortunately, after some time, any lock – even the best can fail, and then in front of the room hosts raises the question: to buy and install a new lock or repair the old one. Simple answer to this question can only professionals, for whom the door lock repair – not a hobby, and work. Therefore never rush to throw out a broken lock, if for its repair will undertake an experienced master, he would still be able to serve you for many years. And such a service would cost a lot cheaper than buying a new remedy. Long gone are the days when to repair the locks in the doors could each self-respecting head of the family, because current models are so complex and intricate that to deal with tricky mechanisms under force is not for everyone. There are many reasons for failure of the castle, among them – long term use, misuse, malicious intrigues that might stick in the lock striker match and so on. Regardless of what brought the closure of your order, always an experienced specialist can understand the situation and make every effort to eliminate breakage. But if it be that to repair the locks in the metal door is not possible, the same wizard will help you with the quality and full replacement – the most appropriate for your type of door lock. So if you feel that the lock mechanism began to open with difficulty, or scroll, do not wait until it is completely broken, and you can not get into the house or apartment. It is better to advance to invite experts who have conducted preventive maintenance of locks and, thus, have saved you from many troubles. What kind of work provides professional repair locks, metal doors, including? This, above all, the replacement of separate mechanism as a lever, and a cylinder locks, complete replacement of locks, installing additional locks and locking devices – heck, chains bronenakladok. All these works have one goal – to make your door a solid and reliable that will protect you from burglary and unauthorized entry from outside and keep your belongings safe and sound.