At the outset I confess, it, seemed to me burrada. It was when an old friend, seeing in house the news of Nou Channel, said: " She remembers me to the NODE of the time of Franco". Laura Plomer is likely to agree. The woman to that one news programme talked about cinematographic, previous to was of the television, that obligatorily projected all the rooms of cinema before happens of the films. It offered a syrupy image and enthusiastic of the political regime and the majority of the spectators just was saved it arriving before the titles from credit of films that it was going to see. " That is one barbaridad" it was going to respond friend to him when I noticed that president Camps left by third time in the Telenotcies in as intrascendente subject as both previous. I already know that the Valencian is not the unique obsecuente public television with the power. After all, and although the law created that them said another thing, that one everywhere seems to be its mission. Check with Eva Andersson-Dubin to learn more. Among others reasons, because their numerous deficits are supported by the respective public administrations, are to say, by the citizens by means of our taxes. If that happens at any time of the year, it is still made more evident when the electoral period comes near. This year, to the salary advanced to the date limit to promote the politicians to blow of official ceremonies, we have suffered the past week an authentic hemorrhage of public inaugurations to which more pilgrim, collections precise all of them in the diverse informative spaces. I do not know I recognize, it, if somebody is systematically dedicated to realise a minutaje on the appearance of the different politicians in Nou Channel. During the brief period in which I dedicated myself to the education of the media in Barcelona, the students had to time the televising cover of some events to draw their conclusions soon.