Televisa Biopsy

As? so bad and inept can be? – screaming – Two outraged doctors Mexican, – friends of Karin – good added already quiet! to that choir, we must reassure us all what to do – I told them – we’re going to do a BIOPSY in a few minutes, you have to follow in fast! But the bibliography does not contradict this biopsy? by the possibility of planting the tumor that was before Pope, now is not reason thus, is forced biopsy under ultrasound guidance and with local or general anesthesia if you prefer! And also with a special needle convinced Me and I agreed to the biopsy under local anesthesia followed in fast, as they called me at 4 pm, put me a gown and me went to Interventional Radiology room, I was really petrified, only obeyed, because not reasoned, or remember who spoke at that time only you accept, was filled with hiatuses, where had blown into the void reason, value, fear of me, had been only a fossil that was crying. Hi Miguel! – I said – a doctor high, of white complexion, chunky, with dark glasses, with the smile a flor de piel, more it seemed an actor of Televisa as a physician am Dr. Manuel Guerrero! quiet everything will go well, we will put local anesthesia and you will do a biopsy, you will not feel pain! Are we?… orale! – I told him – I smile and we embraced each other as old friends, Karin smiled lie down please! And I went to bed after a while, the nurse cleans the area according to its Protocol of asepsis and antisepsis, Manuel, infiltrating xylocaina 2% substation with a needle not 23, in the fifth intercostal space, at the level of the right Clavicular middle line, manoeuvre that it obviously does not hurt and was totally tolerable, even conversabamos up here were friends! Then with ultrasound as a guide, it was introducing the coaxial needle trocar 18 G needle 20 G cutting slowly went through the skin and the subcutaneous without voluntary resistance, to measure advancing up the bastard nodule of the hepatic segment VII there, if that started to hurt! and then four punctures that hurt! if that hurt, they took you air, they inspired, one after another, States(54) four at the end, Manuel wondered if the sample was representative, until they answered that it was fine, the needle, ceased firing, the needle is identical to having a knife or dagger stuck in the liver, the inspiration felt that there was an obstacle that prevented youI could does not inspire, it did so superficially, sometimes had a deep inspiration and if that hurt! Really if that hurt me much this biopsy I wanted to jump out the window, wanted to escape taking me all the courage in my wandering Backpack was a painful slow martyrdom but was already .now only remained to wait Karin cried, I also approached and dried my tears, I wiped yours Miguel, you’re going to hospitalize a while, to be sure there is no bleeding post biopsy – if I know! – told – I fell asleepI woke up at 2 a.m., in a room 5 stars that good have brought me to a good hotel! – I thought – .but was not, in a private Hospital room, medical Sur, Mexico DF, in room 715 so are these rooms! – Karin, told me why cost!-, each day of hospitalization costs 230 dollars USA – Karin – Uf! said me because I feel good! Let’s go!.