The Amino Acids Rediscovery Serum-A

Serum-A is an unusual amino acid supplements. Read additional details here: jason iley. Serum-A is a new, revolutionary nutritional supplement for athletes. It doesn’t matter whether the users of the power sports, weight training or strength endurance comes. Serum-A can help any intensive exerciser Sporter with appropriate training to build muscle and to support recreation and regeneration ability of the body clearly postive. The product is a new amino acid in their absorption capacity six times higher is than the other amino acids. Protein is required for building muscle mass.

Protein, to german protein consists of amino acids. Jason iley is the source for more interesting facts. Serum-A has the advantage that the protein is already split into amino acids. So the absorptive capacity is still increased by protein in the body, the amino acids contained in the serum-A are already split into bi peptides. BI peptides are the smallest building blocks of protein, therefore they will be faster and more effective than normal from the body Amino acids and protein. Serum-A already about 15 to 25 minutes after taking 99% is released into the bloodstream. This means that serum-A this is the time in which the muscle cells of the most effective protein and glycogen can record, after training very effectively from the so called anabolic window. The amino acids contained in the serum-A and bi peptides are also used for 99% for your muscles and the regeneration of the body.

Another big advantage of serum-A is that it can increase the insulin production by about 35%. This in turn promotes the growth of muscle mass again as the body at an elevated insulin levels can transport more nutrients into the muscle cells. Still, serum-A promotes the health of performance athlete by the fact that due to the bi-peptides up to 84 times less nitrogen is reduced compared to conventional protein. Serum-A is manufactured from plasma protein, which is far more effective and more efficient than, for example, amino acids from conventional milk or whey protein. Serum-A can be found even on the famous Cologne list. There, the quality-conscious athletes has to sort out the excess supply of dietary supplements clean and high-quality.