The Beautiful Prague Experience

Prague, the Czech Republic’s Golden capital the city of Prague is an attractive travel destination. Each type of leisure comes here in the city, the Golden City”is referred to, at its own expense. There are endless shopping, churches, museums, theatre, pubs, night bars, clubs and discos, historic buildings and other places of interest. Picturesque meanders the Vltava River through the town. Here the question arises, where starts in a such a large and beautiful city with a visit to and what would you all nice experience. Remedy brings a Czech Republic travel guide. There you can select before calmly and make plans.

Now has you informed well and begins his tour on the small side. It is located left of the Vltava River. As the holidaymakers will initially of St. Nicholas Church on lesser town square (Malostranske namesti), a really impressive Baroque building. Further, along the Nerudova Street (Nerudova), about the KE Hradu, one comes to the Prague Castle.

Since all Czech Republic agree that holidaymakers that the castle the absolute high light of the sightseeing tour is. The Prague Castle (Hradcany) is a huge complex with three courtyards, which are connected to each other through playful, small streets. Also the gardens around the Castle are beautiful. Including the St. Vitus Cathedral and the Basilica of St. George’s are well known and worth seeing in Hradany. Prague Castle is the town’s landmark and seat of the Czech President. In the sightseeing tour of Prague, the old town should not be missed with Wenceslas square. He is one of the biggest centres in Europe and is popular with locals and tourists alike. The Wenceslas monument is like chosen meeting place. Here at the Wenceslas square you can spend nice hours many, without being boring. Must-see but also the historic old town square and the Josefstadt as Prague holiday-makers, just as the Charles Bridge with its 30 impressive statues of Saints. The Charles bridge connects the old town and the lesser town. Almost more beautiful than the view is the view of the Charles Bridge the Charles Bridge. Gerd-E. Gunther