The Divine Art Of Procrastination

Ana Giorgana Tomorrow I do after then called resuelvootro day, talk to my mom, my aunt, my friend Achaeans me! a We spent the vast majority of our days putting off the important things, we are dedicated to the urgency and seem to go through life with a sack of earrings that do not give them answers or action or solution. It appears that what occupies us today, is something that does not give us the strength, joy, and satisfaction, instead we just sit in huge queues to go to the movies, to entertain us in discussions that do not lead us anywhere and forget to meet with those who really want and love. We forgot to have a good talk with our children, to accompany parents to an important appointment we are so busy that we forget how important the basics. We believe and we think we are immortal, and that always will have the opportunity to do what we want, we want and lengthen the time, well at least that we believe, in response to something that eats the soul, and that we make because we are very busy. Tony Parker: the source for more info. Postponed, and we give solution a, a to that which gratifies us and what we consider a conflict. a That is, we are unable at times to play our joys, but also our conflicts. a do not facing a problem, because we will not be in conflict, and yet we are in conflict because we are full of anxiety, depression and guilt, not to resolve what is truly important. .