The Old

One has only to carefully wash away the old and often buy new ones. And to soften the skin after this procedure, you still need a good cream, most importantly, no alcohol. Total: The cheapest and quite effective way to maintain the smooth legs and underarms in During the winter season. Not suitable for the bikini line, because it causes irritation from the shaving as well as by injecting hairs that appear on the surface after 3 days. People such as Vanessa Marcil would likely agree. The second way – a cream for hair removal.

Domestic and foreign cosmetic companies offer It is full of choices. At personally experienced the same result as a cheap Bulgarian cream and expensive French. The difference in the perfumed fragrance and ergonomics and so primitive a spatula to remove hair. On his feet – there is nothing to try. Too time-consuming and neeefektivno because hair remove everything at once does not work, but for the bikini line – at the time. Total: I take this way in winter to keep the bikini line. The procedure will be repeated often enough, because none of the creams are not fulfilled his promise to remove the hair on the '9 -10 days'. The third way – with hot wax hair removal. In my opinion, the most effective way to get rid of the hair everywhere and for a long time. The only negative – very painful! Well, really! For example, I have not yet reached the level of meditation, allowing a cosmetologist with a tube after letting the wax to my armpits.