The Rummikub – Beginnings And Tips

The first tables were made by hand by Ephraim Hertzano, the inventor of the game, and his family in the 1930s. This game combines elements of chess sets, mah-jong, dominoes, anise and foremost. This kit replaces the traditional rummy cards of game pieces 106 – 104 listed in black, yellow, blue and red plus two wildcards. The object is to form sets and sequences discarded game pieces. The popularity of this game has taken him from Israel, his country of origin in various parts of the world but this game turned into a true global phenomenon with the advent of the Internet. Thanks to the Internet, Rummikub managed to conquer new markets and new players. Today there are many rooms online rummy or anise offering not only the game of Rummikub but hundreds of modern versions of fun. Another element that the Internet introduced the game is the possibility of playing for money offered by the vast majority of rummy rooms.

For those players who know the game and seek Rummikub play rummy or online, these tips will be useful: 1. Remember that parts are repeated Rummikub game – to have two game pieces of one color and the same number, with some concentration is easy to guess what is the opponent. 2. It is important to find out what is the minimum value that must be reached before revealing a winning hand. If a hand does not reach that value is not legitimate. 3. The Rummikub is similar to traditional rummy, the triangles are important, the number 7, and keep the tiles from the lower value to the latter.

4. Concentrate and use your memory – do not rule out playing pieces to help his opponent to win. The various rooms offer you rummy as Rummylux play rummy or Rummikub and several versions of the game for money or for fun.