Touring With Kids

If you want to make your stay with a child was a memorable and comfortable to very seriously consider the option of the tour. When you select a vacation spot, be sure to pay attention to its climate. Thus, in hot areas with high moisture content (such as Turkey or Egypt), acclimatization is a lot harder. Therefore it is better to choose places with low or moderate humidity (Italy, northern Greece, Bulgaria, Anapa). If you plan to swim (namely for sun, sea and beach travel vacation, most of us), then be sure to check the temperature of sea water, because sometimes in spite of high air temperature in the sea water may be too cold for swimming. Many prefer to go to rest at the beginning or end of the beach season, because at this time is usually much less than the rest, not so hot, and tours are cheaper.

However, it is worth remembering that when returning from a holiday in the autumn, for a child may be severe abrupt change of climate. Many resorts have their own specialization: some are focused on a family vacation, some – on young people. Therefore it is better to stay in a quiet place where your child will not be stop the noise at night bars and discos. As it is necessary to know what the seabed will be in place for your upcoming vacation. Ideal – sandy flat bottom. Inquire in advance about the infrastructure beach (equipped with a beach toilets, showers, if it has children).

When choosing a hotel, most people pay attention primarily to his stardom. But do not forget that the three-star hotel in one country can be even better four-star to another. Even the prices of hotels at the same level in different countries may differ greatly. So is it worth to take seriously the issue of feeding the child, because if a small child will face a new food for him, it can result in stomach problems. If you opted for food in the restaurant, you should bear in mind that often a child's menu, meant there was not a useful power, and all sorts of delicacies (sweets, French fries, etc.). In the cheap hotel, where all-inclusive, often skimp on food, is be ready for it. And if some countries are cheaper and tastier to eat in the hotel (Turkey, Egypt), the other is better to give preference Local cafes and restaurants. And finally, here is a list of questions to be asked in Travel: – what is the room – there is the hotel's private beach and whether you want to pay for use of beach equipment – how far the hotel is by the sea – is at the playground – is there at the cots and highchairs in the restaurant – whether in the hotel swimming pool for children – whether it is possible to hire a baby sitter