Understanding Language

The heading of the introductory chapter of the book is one of as many expressions that she is used daily. ‘ ‘ It falls in real’ ‘ it is a recent Brazilian slang, that has the intention to call the attention the interlocutor pra that it leaves to dream, and comes back its reality. If you are not convinced, visit Jorge Perez. Showing that when comes back to the world concrete and solid, we fall in the reality. Interpreting as soon as the Real it is a firm land that we step on in our daily one (p.8). Leaving of estimated of that the world if presents in the way that if sees, the author goes to say that the man is the constructor of its reality. However it does not perceive itself as to be creative of this reality, and if it, as if irrigation ditch lead only for social or natural forces judge submitted.

In the chapter, ‘ ‘ The maintenance of realidade’ ‘ (P.56-76), it says that half the most important one in the maintenance of the reality is the colloquy, through it the world is reaffirmed, therefore as ‘ is said in the chapter; ‘ in the principle he was palavra’ ‘ , for the language the world gains direction, significao. The colloquy keeps continuity the certainty in the daily reality, but this certainty can be shaken by an exterior phenomenon the person. As example: the opinion of somebody. In the chapter, ‘ ‘ The learning of realidade’ ‘ (p.77-88), the author says that the process of learning of the reality is called socialization. For this process the people if become human beings, learning to see the world as they see its fellow creatures and to manipulate it through the instruments and codes used in our culture. The chapter, ‘ ‘ The reality cientfica’ ‘ (p.89-101), it shows to the power of science in the definition of the reality drift of its enormous one to be able to transform the world and reduziz it dust. Depending on the question that if is launched to the world they get a different reply. Where the definition of the Real is not task for specific sciences, and yes for the philosophy, to the scientist it fits to manipulate sectors determined of the reality, while the philosophers if occupy of the understanding of as the man perceives and understands the world, restoring its reality (inside of which he is proper cincia’ ‘).