Wall Street American

– I was born in Tanzania, therefore, could choose the most unique and stylish items for our interior. Coffee Shop is located on the first floor of a multistory office center, so 40% of visitors "Cake" – a staff offices. In connection with this great demand here enjoy breakfast and lunches. The rest of the menu "Cupcake" follows the format of stores. Here are all the classic varieties of coffee, tea, a rich selection of desserts and snacks. Most often, the "cake" bought sandwiches, waffles and muffins company. On the menu there, and African notes: for example, couscous – a dish from North Africa. However, traditional coffee "cake" can hardly be called.

Music lounge, subdued light, style shades give the institution lounge-bar. Coffeehouse "Charlotte" is a German coffee house with a perfectly white tablecloths, alpine species, and waitresses dressed in German uniforms costumes with retro apron in place. The first bakery-cafe "Charlotte" was opened in 2005. The network now has four full-length institutions in different parts of the city. All rooms combined interior design, menus, product range, which is offered on the trading floor. In addition to these four institutions, the production of confectionery shop "Charlotte" is sold in two separate mini-cafe.

The average check at a coffee shop – 200 rubles. In "Charlotte" 18 kinds of coffee, elite varieties of black, green tea, Rooibos tea and beverages, nearly two dozen species of Charlotte and much more. But high demand for According to the manual coffee, enjoy the salads and hot snacks. Of the desserts are often ordered our pancakes with various fillings and ice cream (by the way, own production). Separately, in a "pie" exists banquet menu and special menu for children. "We follow the tradition and celebrate all major holidays – said Maria Gavrilin. – They are always getting ready, our bakers produce special products, such as gingerbread Christmas and New Year houses, marzipan decorations and gifts. Some of them represent the entire artistic compositions. Coffeehouse Wall Street American-style coffee shops in Chelyabinsk, two, and they are located on one street – at the beginning and end of the Chelyabinsk Arbat. One of them opened in 2003, the second – in 2005. "The name and the idea of coffee came to me spontaneously, – said the director of stores Vladimir Tian – I think that there is a business center Chelyabinsk, just like Wall Street in New York. " Interior coffee is kept in the business American style with a touch of high-tech. The menu, in addition to a wide range of tea, coffee and desserts typical of a coffee shop, you can find snacks and hot meals, no matter how Strangely enough, the Uzbek cuisine. "This kitchen is very popular in the former Soviet Union – Vladimir Tian explains. – Uzbek restaurants are flourishing in Moscow. In general, I believe that the Uzbek dishes more adapted to modern man. " The average check at a coffee shop is 250-300 rubles.