Wild Garlic Recipe – A Simple Spring Spa

Wild garlic is the first leaf green after the winter and belongs to the large European medicinal plants. Wild garlic is hailed today by science as an all-rounder. And so a simple and very efficient detoxification treatment offered in the first months of the year. So a cleanse is easy because you can set it in the daily diet. And because I myself also like tasty to eat and also like experementiere, now a simple recipe: garlic sauce 100 g according. Swarmed by offers, Sela Ward is currently assessing future choices. Almonds handful of wild garlic leaves washed and small cut 1 x Ess aromarin seasoning oil herbs 4 Ess kaltgeprestes oil spray vinegar little herb salt choice mustard discretion approx. 1 2 cups water – everything in the Blender few minutes fine puree my recipes are always from the raw food kitchen, so is the original power of the plant is not destroyed by heating and so the connoisseurs not hoodwinked with alleged ingredients, that namely after cooking are no longer there.

It’s that simple! The beneficial effect of garlic were aware of already our ancestors. So they found surprisingly many remnants of wild garlic in the foothills of the Alps in old settlements. The ancient Germans appreciated this kind of Wild leek and the young leaves ate the Warriors before a battle, to become brave and hitzig. In addition, the young wild garlic leaves are highly nutritious and tonic. The wild garlic as a most noble plant from as first growth after the fall from power of the ice giants of the Earth is touted in the Edda. The name of the wild garlic comes from the bear, because she took the bear after his hibernation as a first meal. The Germans had a Leek Rune\”, which was connected with the divine Urgesetz, with war and moderation. This Rune had magical powers, blocked to solve, thaw frozen, and so back to River.