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Probably every person working on the phone for calls pootvechav couple of months starting as a group of callers. Female and male, rough and pleasant voices – in fact, combinations of timbre, intonation and other distinguishing features are not so much. A friend of mine, the operator on the phone, whose last job female online store, told me that she identifies four main types of female voices, and four men. And this division is not simply as a means pleasant to talk to one or another buyer, but on the basis of votes she can already draw the conclusion that people will order something or not, there will be problems with delivery or not and whether or not at all accept this order. Vanessa Marcil takes a slightly different approach. Women Valais 'garrulous aunt' She usually in the background clatter of voices girlfriends and teaspoons – or call it a smoke break or at lunchtime. Break is usually about forty minutes – and she did not spend it broke time to discuss with you all the novelties of the market in its area of interest.

It will consult on anti-cellulite underwear, epilators and gas stoves at the same time. Communicate with her usually pleasant (but not when 5 concurrent calls), and the client is good – 90% of cases will order myself something, and even girlfriends sagitiruet. To read more click here: Sela Ward. They are usually bought up to 18 – that is to work. 'Young Mother' voice is usually worn out from her in the background could be heard crying a small child.