World Spice Food Festival

Visitors of Sri Lanka’s indigenous cuisine can enjoy culinary delights from around the world from November 6 to 14 that is in Colombo for the fourth time by Sri Lanka tourism-initiated world spice Food Festival. Visitors can go to the 18 of participating hotels, restaurants and Cafes of the city on a culinary world tour. A week-long renowned guest chefs from around the world take over the directing in the hotel and restaurant kitchens and prepare specialties from their home region, such as Cuba, Morocco and India. Also local dishes should not be missing. Restaurant Raja Bojun, centrally located in in Galle road in Colombo, top sri Lankan cuisine can be tested, like the typical curries, are missing on any menu. There are original dishes from the northern Jaffna with excellent seafood at Holiday Inn’s Alhambra restaurant. Sri Lanka being host country for this culinary event, is no coincidence: for millennia, the variety of spices that the island offers, the gourmets inspires and Cooking lovers of this world. An optimal climate makes the plants thriving and the island home desirable and precious aromas and spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, black pepper, nutmeg or cloves.

As a tribute to the diversity of this spice Festival created specifically for the world spice food a spice ice cream. It is sampled from November 6 to 14 for the first time. Information about the program and a list of all participating hotels and restaurants there for further spicefoodfestival. General information about Sri Lanka,. Images and further press information about Sri Lanka under.